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  • FomoSports #WorldCup NFT🚀🔥 🤑️Mint to Win 130,000Usdt 🏆The Prize Pool is still accumulating ⏰60s will be extended by per mint 👉When Countdown ends🔚 👉The last mint gets 26,000 Usdt Web:fomosports.io/worldcup DC:discord.com/invite/ND8H8qx…
  • Saya datang ke tempat ini krn penasaran. Memotret dgn baik2. Awalnya semua kru melayani dgn ramah dan mempersilakan saya memotret. Hingga dtg sesosok gurita hijau sok cool dan bermuka sengak bertanya dgn ‘intimdatif’ pd saya. Saya kira org itu akan menyesal. Besok kisahnya.
  • We're approaching the end of the last round of DAO whitelists, every blue chip is almost in. 💀 We have some spots left for some other communities. The question is: Which community is the loudest and should get some WL spots? Let us know! 👇 #NFT #NFTCommmunity #DAO
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  • What should I do?
  • RM Live in New York @ Dia Beacon 12/9 0AM KST | 12/8 10AM ET #RM #Indigo #RMLiveinNY #DiaBeacon @DiaArtFndn
  • Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful Days’ Special 8 Photo-Folio Preview Photos 1 #BTS #Photo_Folio #V #뷔 #VeautifulDays
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