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#ChillaChilla day is here..

Fan boys Sambhavam loading.. 🔥

The anticipation and excitement among #AK fans cannot be described in words..

#Thunivu pic.twitter.com/mTWKh5oBTE
#LetsCinema AI generated concept art with Thalapathy Vijay (Part 2) pic.twitter.com/7xy748sWPM
#Thunivu - You Won't see a Regular #AjithKumar . He did variations in Dialogue delivery & performance🔥

- It's a Complete Action film. #AjithKumar acted without any dupe in Stunt sequences⭐

- Totally 3 songs. One is an opening song another one comes with the story.

  • #ChillaChilla day is here.. Fan boys Sambhavam loading.. 🔥 The anticipation and excitement among #AK fans cannot be described in words.. #Thunivu
  • Chilla Chilla Day Guys 💥✍️ @GhibranOfficial @anirudhofficial #thunivu
  • #LetsCinema AI generated concept art with Thalapathy Vijay (Part 2)
  • Today is the day for #chillachilla #waitingforchillachilla #chillachillaondec9 #thunivupongal2023
  • #LetsCinema AI generated concept art with Suriya 🔥
  • Bookings opened in both online & counter for #ChillaChilla Celebration !! Grab your tickets now Therikka Vidalama 🔥 #ThunivuInRamCinemas
  • 2023 🔥 #Varisu #Thalapathy67
  • Valimai performed better than Beast in terms of box office collection - Sridhar, Theatre Owner, Trichy.
  • It’s just a title card. That title card: 🔥 #tripdownmemorylane #thunivu
  • #BesharamRang ka waqt aa gaya hai… almost! Song out on 12th December! youtu.be/huxhqphtDrM Celebrate #Pathaan with #YRF50 only at a big screen near you on 25th January, 2023. Releasing in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.
  • #LetsCinema AI generated concept art with Thalapathy Vijay (Part 1)
  • #ChillaChilla Day 🤝 #Thunivu
  • Thalapathy VJ. #Varisu 🔥
  • 98% ரசிகர்கள் லிரிக்ஸ் எப்படி இருக்கு பாட்டு எப்படி இருக்குனு எதிர்பார்ப்போட காத்துக்கிட்டு இருக்காங்க ஆனா நான் அந்த மீதி 2% #ChillaChilla லிரிக்ஸ் வீடியோல வர தலயோட முரட்டுதனமான லுக்ஸ்காக காத்துக்கிட்ருக்கேன் #Thunivu
  • Watch Full Video : 🔴 ஒண்ணுமே பண்ணாத Ajithkumar பின்னாடி ஏன் போறீங்க ? - #Thunivu | #ChillaChilla, SS Music Tribute #ChillaChillaFromToday #THUNIVURampageStarts #Thunivufirstsingle youtu.be/kC5u4THYLek
  • #LokeshKanagaraj ❤️ #TheeThalapathy #Thalapathy67
  • #AK Swag.. 🔥 #Thunivu
  • BUCKLE UP💪🏼 THALA IS READY TO CONQUER USA 🇺🇸 An electrifying rampage is coming your way💥💥 #Thunivu Grand USA Premieres on Jan 11th #ThunivuPongal 🔥 @LycaProductions USA release thru @sarigamacinemas #AjithKumar #HVinoth @BoneyKapoor @ZeeStudios_
  • Omg her reaction.. 🥺 🎥 IG: mamakrow
  • It’s happening. Rush Hour 4 is in the works 🔥🔥
  • Here is #Thunivu Full posters without title & other effects 👌👌
  • Good morning.. ready for more #ThalapathyVijay updates today? 😉
  • #LetsCinema AI generated concept art with Suriya (Part 2)
  • All eyes on his Next 🔥
  • Waiting 🔥 #Thunivu | #ChillaChilla
  • Latest Pic of Captain of the Ship , #HVinoth sir #Thunivu
  • Surface soil temperature difference of open ploughed land & under trees can be between 8-12 degrees C. Planting trees or tree-based agriculture is the solution for heating up that will happen in subcontinent. Save India by planting trees. -Sg #CauveryCalling #SaveSoil
  • Out of these, which two actors are most likely to smash all box office records with their power-packed performances if they star in a movie together? Share your answer in the comments. #Vijay #AjithKumar #Suriya #Vikram #KamalHaasan #VijaySethupathi #Rajinikanth #Karthi
  • #Varisu than 🤩 #Thalapathy67! ~ @namikay1 @actorvijay
  • AK's #Thunivu USA premieres from Jan 11th
  • No social media trend without me ... 💫✨️😎
  • The night before the World Cup quarterfinals... 🌚
  • போகிறப்போக்கில் மனிதத்தை சிந்திவிட்டுபோகும் அறிமுகமற்ற மனிதராக இருந்துவிடுங்கள் #மகிழ்_காலை 😊
  • Few people in the world who can make my jaws hurt by smiling as much as this guy... who has apparently won Wimbledon 8 times. 😅♥️ Made my day.
  • பாலம் விழுந்தாலும் ஓட்டு பாஜகவுக்குத்தான் இந்த ஊரு இன்னமுமா இவங்கள நம்புது
  • கடந்த 8 ஆண்டுகளில், பல்வேறு தருணங்களில், தமிழ் மொழி, தமிழர் பண்பாடு, கலாச்சாரம், வரலாறு மற்றும் நமது சுதந்திரப் போராட்ட தியாகிகளை பலமுறை உலக மேடைகளிலும் கௌரவித்துள்ளார் நமது மாண்புமிகு பாரதப் பிரதமர் திரு @narendramodi அவர்கள். (1/2)
  • Our Honourable Prime Minister Thiru @narendramodi avl has expressed his deep affection for the people of TN, our language, its rich cultural heritage & prominent personalities in the struggle for our country’s independence. (1/2)
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