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Contributing ₹1 crore towards the CM relief fund of Telangana. I urge all of you to come forward and donate towards the cause. Let's stand by our people during these difficult times.🙏🏻 @TelanganaCMO @KTRTRS
Many lives in Hyderabad have been devastated by the rains and floods. I am contributing 50 Lakh Rupees to the Telangana CM Relief Fund towards the rehabilitation of our city. Let us all chip in and rebuild our Hyderabad #TelanganaCMO
The devastation caused by the unprecedented rainfall in Telangana is far worse than we ever imagined. Appreciate the efforts of the Telangana government and the Disaster Response Force for doing their best to help the affected families.
Here's The Common DP To Welcome Our #KomaramBheemNTR @tarak9999 🔥

Trend Begins Tomorrow @ 6 PM ✌️

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#RamarajuForBheem @RRRMovie pic.twitter.com/GVnX82nooy
  • Here's The Common DP To Welcome Our #KomaramBheemNTR @tarak9999 🔥 Trend Begins Tomorrow @ 6 PM ✌️ PC : @Shiva4NTR HD Link : ibb.co/1drKfSb #RamarajuForBheem @RRRMovie
  • The unprecedented rains in Hyd have caused massive devastation,loss of lives & extreme hardship to thousands. My heart goes out to those affected by nature's fury.I'm humbly donating Rs.1Cr to CM Relief Fund.Also appeal 2 all who can to come frward & help the needy @TelanganaCMO
  • The mighty man who is at the peak of the mountain called Indian Cinema, now becoming the face of Indian cinema and the people's superstar across india,ruling hearts with an unparalled love from all corners of nation and beyond. Common DP for #Prabhas Birthday #PrabhasBirthdayCDP
  • రాష్ట్ర ముఖ్యమంత్రి @ysjagan గారి గురించి వైకాపా అధినేత జగన్ రెడ్డి:
  • Here's The Much Awaited CDP to Celebrate Rebelstar #Prabhas's Birthday on Oct 23rd #PrabhasBirthdayCDP
  • Common DP Without Watermark. #KomaramBheemNTR @tarak9999 #RamarajuForBheem @RRRMovie
  • టాక్సీ యజమానులు, డ్రైవర్లను ఆదుకోవాలి - JanaSena Chief Shri @PawanKalyan
  • Like you all, we can't hold our excitement too till the birthday. Let's take this to next level. How about something tomorrow? Stay tuned! #RadheShyamSurprise Starring #Prabhas & @hegdepooja
  • దసరాకి తెలంగాణ నుంచి ఆర్టీసీ బస్సులు నడపలేకపోవడం ప్రభుత్వ వైఫల్యం
  • Help taxi owners and drivers! - JanaSena Chief Shri @PawanKalyan
  • We came together for Kerala We came together for Chennai We came together for the Army We came together in huge numbers for each other during Corona This time our city and our people need a helping hand.. #HyderabadRains
  • Be Fizz @tarak9999 Feel the Fizzz with Young Tiger💙 CDP IN 10 MINUTES🔥 #KomaramBheemNTR #AppyFizz
  • Here's The Much Awaited CDP to Celebrate #Rebelstar #Prabhas's Birthday on Oct 23rd Let the celebrations begin 🎊🎉🎉🎉 #PrabhasBirthdayCDP
  • Unseen pic of our darling #Prabhas 🤩
  • #HyderabadRains Minister @KTRTRS handed over the financial assistance of Rs 10,000 to the rain-affected families as part of the relief efforts in Nadeem colony, Tolichowki. MP @asadowaisi accompanied the Minister.
  • Here is the #PrabhasBirthdayCDP
  • తెలంగాణలో వరద నష్టానికి సాయంగా సీఎం రిలీఫ్ ఫండ్ కి కోటి రూపాయల విరాళం ప్రకటించిన రెబల్ స్టార్ ప్రభాస్ Rebel Star #Prabhas Announces A Contribution Of Rs 1 Crore To Telangana CM Relief Fund of @TelanganaCMO