7 day tweet volume :
  • Sanjay Suri, then a journalist with IE, told two inquiry commissions that on 01 Nov 1984, a mob of 4000 attacked Gurdwara Rakabgunj. Two sikhs, father and son, were burnt alive. That mob was led by Kamalnath. Congress just appointed him as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Less than 24 hours of Congress "victory" and here we are:: "Babri Masjid le ke rahenge, Pakistan Zindabad"!
  • Inviting road rage and then complaining of ‘Islamophobia.’ Thank you @Imamofpeace for sharing this gem.
  • A response to an RTI inquiry has shown that Aam Aadmi Party govt in Delhi has spent more than 2 crores of tax payers money on Eid & Iftaar parties. It has also been revealed that there were no money spent on either on Holi or Diwali. Very secular indeed!!
  • अगर राहुल गांधी सिखों के कातिल,गुरुद्वारा रकाबगंज को जलाने वाले कमलनाथ को CM घोषित करते है तो मै आमरण अनशन पर बैठूंगा।ये लड़ाई मेरे सिख बहनो की है जिनकी इज्जत लूटने,मातायो की जिनके बेटो को जिंदा जलाने का काम Cong ने किया और जिसके लिए मुझे जान भी देनी पड़ी तो मै देने को तैयार हूं
  • The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. - Leo Tolstoy
  • Supreme Court dismisses all the petitions seeking a court-monitored investigation into the Rafale deal.
  • " हम निपट लेंगे इनसे बाद में" - Kamalnath to Muslims. And now this man will be the CM of Madhya Pradesh. @TajinderBagga
  • जिस दिन हत्यारा कमलनाथ शपथ लेगा उसी दिन, उसी समय से मैं अनशन पर बैठूंगा । तिलक नगर के तिलक विहार इलाके जहाँ 1984 नरसंहार के हज़ारों पीड़ित परिवार रहते है, अनशन स्थल भी वही होगा ।
  • Had an excellent meeting to review India’s progress towards enhancing ‘Ease of Doing Business.’ We discussed aspects relating to construction, power, resolving insolvency and other areas that will make business easier in the times to come.
  • A tribute to our beloved @ChouhanShivraj . Thank you and love u Mama ji 😭
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