2019 World Billiards Champion (150 up) 🏆❤️😀💪🏼🥇 What. An. Incredible. Feeling. pic.twitter.com/MPQLSzsfnb
Ok so you propose handing over Kashmir to Pakistan because over there girls like yourself have had tooooo good of an education that you nearly lost your life and ran away from your country never to return. Why dont you show us by going back to Pakistan first??
In reply to @Malala
“I feel purposeless and depressed because I can’t go to school. I missed my exams on August 12 and I feel my future is insecure now. I want to be a writer and grow to be an independent, successful Kashmiri woman. But it seems to be getting more difficult as this continues.”
Disappointing to see @Malala wade into cliched Pakistan state narrative about #Kashmir when the hard truth is that she can never even return to her own country because she was shot for the rights of girls to go to school.
वो मलाला जो खुद आतंक का शिकार हुई, वो भी कश्मीर पर खुलकर कट्टर इस्लामिक आतंक का एजेंडा चला रही हैं

तुलना कीजिये राहुल गांधी जैसे नकली सेक्युलर गैंग से जिन्हें इस देश ने सबकुछ दिया फिर भी देश के खिलाफ खड़े हैं
  • 2019 World Billiards Champion (150 up) 🏆❤️😀💪🏼🥇 What. An. Incredible. Feeling.
  • Horrible ! Hindu teacher Nautan kumar beaten, his school burnt & nearby SSD temple is vandalised by jihadi extremist in Ghotki,Pakistan today. All Hindus in area are confined to their homes due to violence & fear. @ImranKhanPTI क्या हो रहा है ये ? @Malala अपने भाइयों को समझाओ 🙏
  • #WATCH Indian and American soldiers sing and dance on the Assam Regiment's marching song ‘Badluram ka badan zameen ke neeche hai’ during Exercise 'Yudhabhyas' being carried out at Joint Base Lewis, McChord in the United States of America
  • The Hindu temple vandalised in Ghotki, Sindh by extremists over blasphemy accusations against a Hindu principal is that of Sant Satram Dham Sahib
  • भाजपा के मंत्री जी ने ये कहकर युवाओं का मनोबल तोड़ा है कि देश में रोज़गार की नहीं बल्कि क़ाबिल युवाओं की कमी है. अगर एक क्षण को ये झूठी बात मान भी लें तो क्या युवाओं को क़ाबिल बनाने का दायित्व सरकार का नहीं है. दरअसल कमी क़ाबिल युवाओं की नहीं; देश-प्रदेश में क़ाबिल सरकार की है.
  • T 3289 - इतवार का दिन , कुछ क्षण भर ही संतुष्ट मिलन की प्राप्ति हुई , वो स्नेह आदर के हैं लायक वे कारण मैं उनका नायक ~ अब
  • On #EngineersDay think of the nameless dhoti-clad engineers of ancient India who built these masterpieces combining engineering with shraddha & art such that even the sunlight would fall at a specific angle, wondered who churned out them? But Shah Jahan was a great architect😑
  • Indian Air Force (IAF) sources: IAF starts receiving the new version of the Spice 2000 bombs from Israel. The first batch of the new version of the bombs was delivered to India recently. (file pic)
  • A Hindu principal in Ghotki, Sindh has purportedly been accused of committing blasphemy by extremists, who have vandalised his school. Hindu community in the area is in danger. They must be provided with protection immediately! Video & report via Shankar Meghwar
  • Indian Australians in Melbourne took out a rally in support of article 370 Abrogation,thanking @narendramodi for the move
  • In 1967 Indian Engineer Damyanti Hingorani Became The First Degreed Female Engineer to Be Hired by Ford Motor Company In Detroit , USA Damyanti Gupta Did Her Engineering From India #EngineersDay
  • #culturalexchangeprogrammme #RGS Noida and Victoria Road Primary School Australia #Welcomema'am # 18-21September @supritichauhan @rgsnoida @koyelishahid @SujataPurkayas3 @nehasingh_shash @Akanksha_1009
  • अर्बन नक्सली वामपन्थी ब्रिगेड जो ⁦@INCIndia⁩ की देन है,को हिंदुस्तान नकार चुका है अपना अस्तित्व बनाए रखने के लिए इस तरह की हरक़ते करते है और ⁦@thewirehindi⁩ ⁦@thewire_in⁩ के जर्नलिस्ट नायर जी,जो मुझे ब्लाक कर चुके है, के लिए ये मेरा मेसेज है। कान खोलकर सुनना।
  • कैसी निर्दयी औरत है...बेचारे बेज़ुबान का कितनी निर्दयता से पैर काट दिया 😢 इस ट्विट को इतना रिट्विट करो, ताकी ये निर्दयी औरत पकड़ी जाये 👇🏿👇🏿
  • My heart 😭 This baby elephant thought he was drowning and rushed to save him ❤️ We really don't deserve them.
  • Watch Baloch citizens stepping, even kicking the flag of Pakistan... Chanting slogans of "AZAADI" Tera Baab Bi Dega "AZAADI" Baloch lekar rahenge "AZAADI" @ImranKhanPTI who gives opinion to the world about kashmir is silent on the violence in Balochistan ! #FreeBalochistan
  • इंग्लिश मीडियम के हाई-फाई स्कूल में पढ़ने वाले बच्चों के नॉलेज देखिए
  • कैंप कार्यालय नोएडा में खुर्जा के विभिन्न ग्राम प्रधानों से मिलकर समस्याओं की सुनवाई एवं निस्तारण|
  • CEO Noida's attention for Clean Green Noida: Today, Safaigiri program was conducted in Sec 26, 34, 35, 63, 135 & Vill-Chhajarasi with participation of @noida_authority, residents, & RWA’s. Plogging & listening the problems of residents. Many resolved & rest will resolve soon.