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  • SA were banned by ICC because of racism and were only readmitted in 1992. As far as know India had cut off all trade ties with South Africa then. Racism,as serious an issue as it is,terrorism is a big big issue & a nation indulging in it has to be dealt with in d most severe way
  • A historic accomplishment by a stellar athlete! Congratulations to @apurvichandela for winning the Gold in the 10m Air Rifle event at the ISSF World Cup. Her success makes every Indian proud and motivates more youngsters to excel in various sports!
  • अब या तो दिल्ली पूर्ण राज्य बनेगा या केजरीवाल जी प्राण त्याग देंगे भाग मत जाना @ArvindKejriwal दिल्ली को इंतजार रहेगा या तो पूर्ण राज्य या आपके जाने की ख़बर भागोगे तो नहीं घुँघरू सेठ ???
  • #WATCH: Police constable Poonam Billore ran for more than a kilometer along the railway tracks with an injured man on his shoulders in Hoshangabad today, after the ambulance couldn't reach the spot to rescue the man who had fell down from a train. #MadhyaPradesh
  • आतंक की फैक्ट्री पर ताला लगाने का काम अगर मेरे ही हिस्से लिखा है तो ऐसा ही सही। सीमा पर डटे सैनिकों, मोदी सरकार और मां भवानी के आशीर्वाद पर भरोसा रखिए। इस बार सबका हिसाब होगा और हिसाब पूरा होगा : पीएम मोदी
  • Today’s newspapers seemed to me a “Mall Of Kejriwal” with @AamAadmiParty advertisements splashed all over. Is this the taxpayer’s money being splurged callously? Can someone from his office or @AamAadmiParty explain? And we thought CM didn’t have money to contest elections!!!
  • Major General Afsir Karim passes away. A war hero, he fought in the 1962 & 1965 wars. He commanded 8 Para during the 1971 war. He later commanded 11 Div. God bless you Sir. You will always live in our hearts. Jai Hind 🙏
  • Helmet is bae!!!!
  • Listen to Pak Army Spokesman खाने को टमाटर नहीं और Atom Bomb की बात करते हैं 🤣🤣 पाकिस्तानी सेना ने पूरे पाकिस्तान को Nuclear Bomb का चश्मा चढ़ा कर अन्धा बना रखा है !
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  • Ganga and its two tributaries, the Gandak and the Ghaghara in Bihar have found 1,150 Gangetic dolphins. Environmentalists say it's a sign of ‘healthy river ecosystem’ as these dolphins can survive only in clean water. Great news! Thank you @narendramodi ji, @nitin_gadkari ji
  • India’s ranking in the World Travel & Tourism Competitiveness index has gone up from 65 in 2013 to 40 in 2017 Number of Foreign Tourist Arrivals to India increased by around 45% Foreign Exchange Earnings in tourism also went up by 50% between 2013 and 2017: PM @NarendraModi
  • Arvind Kejriwal has decided to go on indefinite fast for full statehood of Delhi. On popular demand, presenting, fake chat screenshots of Aam Aadmi Party's WhatsApp group.
  • ‘Tauba Tauba’ from Pakistan. 😂
  • बीजेपी के संस्कार कांग्रेस से अलग हैं। हमने किसान कल्याण के लिए कोई कसर नहीं छोड़ी। राजस्थान की जनता कांग्रेस से पूछ रही है – कर्जमाफी के वादे का क्या हुआ?
  • Tauba Tauba Pakistan. 😂😂
  • शुरुआत तो हुई❤
  • We have moved away from the ABC mentality A for avoiding, B for burying and C for confusing Instead of avoiding, we dealt with the issue, Instead of burying it, we dug it out, Instead of confusing the system, we showed a solution is possible: PM @NarendraModi
  • Never understood why unfurling our tricolour at Lalchowk is considered a crime. Instead of protecting, cops detain the people who proudly fly the Indian flag. Shouldn’t there be an introspection? Who are we afraid of?