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This is FAKE NEWS.

I have not made any such request to the government. As per the eviction letter handed to me on the 1st of July, I will be vacating the government accommodation at 35 Lodhi Estate by the 1st of August.

हंगामा क्यों है बरपा
थोड़ी सी “SANSKRIT” जो लिख दी ..
I forgot to add, we also fight pseudo liberals, Sir
Joke of the day: Congress fights for an idea, not for power! - Pawan Khera.
सोशल मीडिया ने दिखाई अपनी ताकत...
गुजरात मंत्री का बेटा गिरफ्तार।
देश की जाँबाज़ बेटी सुनीता यादव का इस्तीफा ना मंजूर.
  • लॉफ्टर शो बने जिहाद और धर्मद्रोह के केंद्र.. भगवान श्रीराम, माँ सीता, छत्रपति शिवाजी महाराज के बाद अब भगवान गणपति व पवित्र गणपति त्योहार का उड़ाया मज़ाक ।। देखने और हंसने वाले ज्यादा तर हिंदू और ये कुकृत्य करने वाला Aadar Malik..
  • Yeah, right. Shubham Mishra represents India ‘rape culture’ because he is abusive. The Alwar gangrape case, which Quint ignored, does not. The Kaushambi gangrape case does not. The hundreds of rapes after religious targeting of women do not. That is India’s ganga-jamuni culture?
  • This day in 1929, revolutionary Jatin Das started his hunger strike in Lahore jail. He attained martyrdom after 63 days. Even as the nation erupted in grief, Mahatma Gandhi remained mum. (1/n)
  • Watch what happens after a Kuwaiti Islamic cleric calls a young woman a "whore" because she is not wearing the hijab. Pow! 🥊💥💣Kaboom!
  • 'Scared minorities' don't behave this way. The least you can do is stop this propaganda
  • *Congress in 2030* 4 bach gaye, lekin party abhi baaki hai !!
  • As I am leaving Ladakh after a 10-day work trip, I share with you, the words of this Ladakhi teenager, a son of a brave Indian soldier deployed along India’s Line of Actual Control with China. He too, will one day, make India 🇮🇳 proud. #FutureOfIndia ⁦@ians_india⁩:
  • By the barest of margins 😮
  • In my 12th exams, I got 24 marks in Chemistry - just 1 mark above passing marks. But that didn't decide what I wanted from my life Don't bog down kids with burden of marks Life is much more than board results Let results be an opportunity for introspection & not for criticism
  • काही दिवसांपूर्वी मुंबईतील शिवसेनेच्या नगरसेविका राजुल ताई पटेल यांनी त्यांच्या रेड झोन क्षेत्रात संघाच्या स्वयंसेवकांनी केलेल्या कार्याबद्दल आपले मत व्यक्त केले होते. स्वयंसेवक आणि पालिका कर्मचाऱ्यांनी नागरिकांच्या स्क्रिनिंग आणि तपासणीसाठी कॅम्पचे आयोजन केले होते.
  • My video "why boycott China is important" is removed by Youtube😳🤔 #FreedomOfSpeech ? Aziz Doston, Now you must understand that how important it is to #BoycottChina ... Its hurting China.. Then hurt them..
  • I am sure some people will have problem with this expectation too.
  • @SachinPilot देश भर के congress के कार्यकर्ता आपसे यही उम्मीद करते हैं
  • Kya lockdown hain waah, complete Pune is leading from front. #PuneFightsCorona #Punelockdown
  • Fake News Vs Truth