7 day tweet volume :
आम जन पर लगातार होते वार
अब महँगाई भी हुई हद से पार

काले क़ानूनों से किसान लाचार
छीना उनका सम्मान व अधिकार

हाथ पर हाथ धरे मोदी सरकार
करे सिर्फ़ पूँजीपति मित्रों का बेड़ा पार।
Finally, here's the mighty Bheem!

A befitting return gift to you my dear brother @tarak9999!


@ssrajamouli @RRRMovie #RamarajuForBheem #RRRMovie #BheemFirstLook
Who else can describe the Might of Bheem in best way other than our Ramaraju... Introducing my Bheem to you... 🌊
#RamarajuForBheem #RRRMovie @tarak9999 @AlwaysRamCharan

  • Presenting Bheem to you... #RamarajuForBheem #RRRMovie #BheemFirstLook 🔥🌊
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  • #Ram 💯 Coming Soon...!! #Mohanlal @Mohanlal
  • Time we worked together.
  • The CJI avails a special chopper provided by the MP Govt (authorised by the CM) for a visit to Kanha National Park& then to his home town in Nagpur, while an important case of disqualification of defecting MLAs of MP is pending before him. Survival of MP govt depends on this case
  • തിരുനെല്ലി തൃശിലേരിയിലെ ജൈവ നെൽകൃഷിപ്പാടങ്ങൾ സന്ദർശിച്ചപ്പോൾ.
  • Congratulations to Shri @Kummanam ji on being nominated by @MinOfCultureGoI to the Administrative Committee of Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram !
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  • ഡോ. നജ്മ. ❤️ കോവിഡ് രോഗികളെ ശ്വാസം മുട്ടിച്ചു കൊല്ലുന്ന ആരോഗ്യ കേരളത്തിന്റെ 'കരുതലിനെ വെളിപ്പെടുത്തിയതിന് വേട്ടയാടപ്പെടുന്നവൾ. അവൾക്കൊപ്പം നിൽക്കേണ്ട നേരമാണ്... ഡോ. നജ്മ. ❤️ #StandWithDrNajma
  • Planning to speak truth against the @vijayanpinarayi govt? Then you must be ready to face and deal with the pathetic cyber army of the commies. These people will just lash out at you if you speak the truth against their party. #StandWithDrNajma
  • Legend !!! 💞 #Mohanlal #Lalettan
  • #Sivakumar @Suriya_offl @Karthi_Offl ♥️ #SooraraiPottru #Sulthan
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  • In a recent interview with @AnandaVikatan, #RaashiKhanna expressed her wish to collaborate with Thalapathy #Vijay. She said that she's waiting to work with him. She also added that he is her favourite co-star! 🖤 #Master @actorvijay @RaashiKhanna
  • .@ShashiTharoor has reallocated his MPLADS funds to purchase 100 Non-Invasive Ventilators for use in Thiruvananthapuram constituency. #GoodParliamentarian
  • Wishing @AmitShah ji a very happy birthday. My prayers to almighty to give you good health and happiness.
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