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Arnab knew about the Balakot Air Strikes three days before it happened!

He and his friend are chatting that this will "sweep the polls". Who told him?

This is a clear criminal offence under OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT

Arnab must be immediately ARRESTED for this & tried for TREASON.
Tomorrow, 16th January, India begins the pan-India rollout of COVID-19 Vaccination drive.

The launch will take place at 10:30 AM tomorrow morning. pib.gov.in/PressReleseDet…
So Arnab had information on top Military secrets days before Balakot airstrike? 🔥😱
#ArnabGoswami #ArnabGate pic.twitter.com/3sX7rOuaeA
  • WOW THIS IS BIG! So Arnab had information on top Military secrets days before Balakot airstrike? 🔥😱 #ArnabGoswami #ArnabGate
  • Pre and Post Balakot.
  • This is what nationalism is supposed to be? "This attack we have won like crazy" 40 Jawans lost their lives.
  • When you do MUNDAN before BABY BIRTH
  • Feb 14th at 3.15 PM, a terrorist kills 40 of our Jawans in Pulwama attack Feb 14th at 5.42 PM, Arnab says "This attack we have won like crazy" This man who is celebrating our jawans deaths is a Nationalist Icon for Bhakts? #ThooktaHaiBharat
  • Dear @PMOIndia who leaked eyes only secret - Balakote strike against Pakistani to Goswami? Is this how you protect military operations & the national interest?
  • சொல்ரதுக்கு வார்த்தையே இல்ல thalapathy 🥺🙏🥺 #master @actorvijay
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  • Wishing the super talented and versatile actor, Makkal Selvan @VijaySethuOffl a very Happy Birthday! #HBDVijaySethupathi #HappyBirthdayVijaySethupathi
  • "We don't remember sending any job offer to any Indian journalist." - Yogendra Yadav, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University (Agriculture branch).
  • This was soon after #Pulwama attack where we lost 40 Soldiers. #ArnabGoswami #ArnabGate 1/3
  • Arnab on Kangana and Hrithik. 🔥😱 "Seriously she has erotomania" "What's that?" "that she is sexually possessed with him" #ArnabGoswami #ArnabGate
  • THALAPATHY 🙏🙏🙏 #MasterFilm #Master @actorvijay
  • अद्भुत आवाज़, अद्भुत लद्दाख।
  • मेरा भारत। ❤️
  • These are a few snapshots of the damning leaked WhatsApp chats between BARC CEO & #ArnabGoswami. They show many conspiracies&unprecedented access to power in this govt; gross abuse of his media&his position as power broker. In any Rule of law country, he would be in jail for long
  • Got a new job at NASA.
  • वेब सिरीज़ #Tandav ने एक बार फिर हिन्दू देवी-देवताओं का मज़ाक उड़ाया है। इन तथाकथित सेक्युलर बॉलीवुड वालों की हिम्मत नहीं होगी कि किसी दूसरे मज़हब के लोगों के बारे में छोटी सी भी टिप्पणी कर दें। #EnoughIsEnough #TandavOnPrime
  • Dear @nidhi As an independent Media, We have all the reasons to believe that you have committed a fraud in the name of @Harvard We are publicly asking these four questions to you Answer these four questions, if you have not committed a fraud?
  • देश की आजादी की रक्षा किसानों ने की है। जिस दिन देश की खाद्य सुरक्षा चली जाएगी उस दिन ​देश की आजादी चली जाएगी। ये देश पर आक्रमण है। एक तरफ नरेंद्र मोदी व उनके 2-3 अरबपति मित्र हैं दूसरी तरफ हिंदुस्तान और उसके किसान हैं। इनका अहंकार जल्द टूटेगा। #SpeakUpForKisanAdhikar
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  • 40 जवान शहीद हुए थे ये है अर्णब का राष्ट्रवाद
  • ROFL!
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