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Happy Birthday Mr. Triple Centurion @virendersehwag 😎😎👏🙌 pic.twitter.com/CavtNuG6ze
दूसरे मज़हब पर दिया उसका बयान क़ानूनी दायरे में अपराध था और उसकी वह सजा भी काट रहा था किंतु जिस जाहिल तालिबानी सोच ने दिन दहाड़े #KamleshTiwariMurder किया उससे नज़र चुराकर निकलने वाले ये नहीं जानते कि ऐसी कट्टरताओं पर राजनैतिक फ़ायदे के लिए चुप्पी साधना पूरे देश को भारी पड़ता है
Our film and entertainment industry is diverse and vibrant.

Its impact internationally is also immense.

Our films, music and dance have become very good ways of connecting people as well as societies. 

Here are more pictures from the interaction today. pic.twitter.com/711sKni29l
जिस भी मुस्लिम पत्रकार, लेखक, नेता, सेलिब्रिटी, मौलाना ने #कमलेश_तिवारी की हत्या पर जेहादियों के खिलाफ बयान दिया और खुलकर कहा कि ये हत्या इस्लाम के खिलाफ हैं

आइये उन सबका धन्यवाद करें

अगर आप ऐसे एक भी व्यक्ति को जानते हैं तो प्लीज उनका नाम यहां ट्वीट करें

  • Happy Birthday Mr. Triple Centurion @virendersehwag 😎😎👏🙌
  • Our film and entertainment industry is diverse and vibrant. Its impact internationally is also immense. Our films, music and dance have become very good ways of connecting people as well as societies.  Here are more pictures from the interaction today.
  • This is a bereaved mother of #KamleshTiwari. One can imagine her state of mind, her anger against the killers; yet in this darkest moment of her life she's crystal clear about the game the media is playing. Never have I seen the media being spit on so much, as I see these days...
  • Bollywood ‘Celebrating the Mahatma’ with @narendramodi where @iamsrk is at his wittiest best once again, with a strong message! 🙂
  • This 71-year-old former IIT professor braves nasty abuse and bitter hate as he walks around Delhi distributing pamphlets that educate people on issues such as Kashmir, NRC and Ayodhya.
  • #Owaisi को गिरफ़्तार करिए @myogiadityanath जी. #कमलेश_तिवारी के हत्यारों को उकसाने में बिजनौर के मौलाना की तरह इसकी भी बड़ी भूमिका है. ये रहा वीडियो में सबूत। #KamleshTiwari @aimim_national @CMOfficeUP @dgpup @AwasthiAwanishK @Uppolice @myogioffice @UPGovt @AmitShah
  • A list of killings in the name of Islam in just the last 30 days. #ProphetofCompassion #ProphetMuhammad
  • There is immense power in true Worship. God increases the life span of His true worshippers and cure incurable diseases - Rigveda #Power_Of_TrueWorship #SaintRampalJi_TrueSaint
  • People who People who created an gave everything atmosphere to make modi to defeat Modi win
  • Thank u @narendramodi for hosting us & having such an open discussion on #ChangeWithin & the role artistes can play in spreading awareness of the msgs of The Mahatma. Also the idea of a University of Cinema is extremely opportune!
  • The film fraternity comes together to pay tributes to Mahatma Gandhi! #ChangeWithin is an excellent effort, which will add momentum towards ensuring Gandhi Ji’s message reverberates far and wide. It will also inspire citizens to take up causes dear to Bapu.
  • 8️⃣5️⃣8️⃣6️⃣ Test runs at a strike rate of 8️⃣2️⃣ 🤯 Happy birthday to Virender Sehwag!
  • A phenomenal #ThalaivarAattam it is! #MaranaMass video song hits a milestone of 100M+ views. @rajinikanth @karthiksubbaraj @anirudhofficial @SonyMusicSouth #MaranaMass100MViews #Petta
  • Worship should be done with the aim of attaining salvation (Liberation / Moksh).  - #SaintRampalJi_TrueSaint #Power_Of_TrueWorship
  • Baahubali - The Beginning is the only NON ENGLISH film to be played at @RoyalAlbertHall in London ever since its inauguration 148 years ago! A HISTORIC MOMENT FOR ALL OF US! 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏻 JAI MAAHISHMATHI... ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻 #Baahubali #BaahubaliTheBeginningLive
  • "I'll not condemn, Kamlesh Tiwari deserved this": Abdul Razzak Khan A Mullah is justifying barbaric killing of him. Not surprising at all. Dear @TimesNow what kind of scum you bring for debates?
  • True worship gives life to the dead. God in Rig Veda says that if someone is nearing death and has an incurable illness then I (God) can cure that illness and even bring someone back from the clutches of death. #SaintRampalJi_TrueSaint #Power_Of_TrueWorship
  • Wow!! #MaranaMass hits 100M+ views A Pure Thalaivar's Mass Thanks @anirudhofficial brother for this magical song @sunpictures @DOP_Tirru sir , @Lyricist_Vivek, @sherif_choreo @vivekharshan & Whole #Petta team Two Celebrations today #MaranaMassHITS100MViews #7YearsOfPIZZA
  • PM Modi has a photo with almost every Bollywood celebrity you can think of.. But have you ever seen him meet a PMC Bank depositor or a protesting farmer?
  • It was a wonderful interaction, says @aamir_khan. A great way to involve everyone, says @iamsrk. Two top film personalities talk about the meeting with PM @narendramodi. Watch this one...
  • जिस हिंदू का खून न खौला, खून नही वो पानी है, और #कमलेश तेरा ये बलिदान, याद रखेगा हिंदुस्तान... के गगनभेदी नारों के साथ सदा के लिए विदा हुए #कमलेश_तिवारी #KamleshTiwariLynched #KamleshTiwari @lkopolice
  • Spreading the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi through cinema, ensuring more youngsters are well-acquainted with the ideals of Gandhi Ji. Today’s interaction with leading film personalities and cultural icons was fruitful. We exchanged thoughts on a wide range of subjects.
  • When Piyush Goyal called NYAY a rejected idea, Liberals criticised saying it was Nobel Winner Abhijit Banerjee's idea. Now Abhijit himself says NYAY wasn't well designed and he doesn't take responsibility of it.
  • राम राम जी 🙏 क्या #Blasphemy law इनपे लगता है ? की यह #Minorities कुछ भी बोलेंगे सनातन धर्म के भगवान के ऊपर ? #PayalRohatgi
  • My friends sister Priyanka jain is missing in kasol , Himachal Pradesh. She slipped in parvati valley and was last seen on 16th October. I’m from Assam. Your single share can help her come back. Please share with your fans 🙏🏻 @BeerBicepsGuy @Bhuvan_Bam @ArvindKejriwal @msisodia
  • #BigilBooking opens in some screens in TN, who have signed with concerned area distributors. Huge release on Oct 25 assured because it is a #ThalapathyVijay film.
  • The man in whose name Rahul Gandhi, former Congress President, sold the Nyay scheme, has disowned it.
  • अद्भुत है गौ माता व नंदी के गुण चुस्ती,फुर्ती,स्फूर्ति,मेधा! गाय का दूध,घी,दही से लेकर समस्त पंचगव्य अमृततुल्य है, महा औषधि है!!
  • You people are trying to create a Hindu Muslim conflict, not me. Don’t put your words in my mouth. You guys don’t have the guts to question those in power because if you do, your channel will be finished. Kamlesh Tiwari’s mother to ABP News
  • After #AalaporaanThamizhan .. #MaranaMass becomes the second song in which i am also a part of - to get to 100 M views. For a creator, reaching more people gives unlimited happiness. Thank you all who r creatively involved and all who are supportive !! Love Vivek ❤️
  • #13YearsofBBVaralaru Here is a Special Trailer Cut of Ajith Kumar's Varalaru Movie One of the Blockbuster of 2006 #KSRavikumar @arrahman #Kanika @ajithFC @ThalaAjith_FC @ajithfansdotcom @ThalaFansClub @tn_ajith @AjithUKFans @Thalafansml @ThalaAjith_Page @Actor_AsinFC
  • Jai Hind @narendramodi ji. 🙏🏻
  • Situpapa...my baby bundle...♥♥♥