7 day tweet volume :
She sounds lovely but I was expecting...

"Pon bed pon floor against wall
We beat dem all till dem call me
Mi a Di MP fi West Ruraalll
Welcoming Di Empress Krystal"
Krystal Tomlinson for West Rural St Andrew pic.twitter.com/DjnmC915sd
Survival tip in Jamaica:
1. Have links.
So what you’re saying is the chef is your man
Chef said he ran out of fried chicken so him going top me up 🙈🙈🙈 pic.twitter.com/nEzDpijqAZ
Jah know , disappointed me never open this and hear “zaggayow “
Krystal Tomlinson for West Rural St Andrew pic.twitter.com/DjnmC915sd
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