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Banks in Kenya have 7 counters with 2 tellers,a lady with 馃挴 attitude and a guy who keeps appearing and disappearing.
Disabled Iranian artists Fateme Hamani draws the portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo using her feet. It will cost you $0.00 to Rt 馃檹馃徔to appreciate her work鉂わ笍 pic.twitter.com/82wA3HUtL7
How do you pay retired MPs pension of Kshs 100,000 per month if they didnt contribute to the pension scheme?
Flaqo now working with Safaricom. Very heavy bag secured there. Mans been winning in 2020 馃
  • Disabled Iranian artists Fateme Hamani draws the portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo using her feet. It will cost you $0.00 to Rt 馃檹馃徔to appreciate her work鉂わ笍
  • Girl Power 馃挭馃挭 2 amazing ladies from Voi town, Taita Taveta have done this Modern hospital bed.. yes they have shown us that ladies too can work just as hard, design and innovate just as good. 馃憦 #COVID19 #KOTLoyals #KOT
  • Kumbe hii ndio reason boflo zinachelewa siku hizi.馃ぃ
  • Don't keep silence while being violated in your own home. Speak up and get help. #KomeshaGBV. #BongaNaOne2One . @one2oneKE ,@LVCTKe ,@yach_msa ,@NairobiYac ,@AngazaKilifi ,@Zamara_fdn ,@Epicyouthorg ,@Arnoldbaya001 ,@LucasRo22581403 @IvmHvmvdi
  • Dear Baba, I have finished marking your statement of revenue allocation, but I have read somewhere that you have changed your mind on what it says. Is it true? Kindly read my recommended amendments. Nimevaa helmet. Have a great day. Mwalimu Joshua Njenga
  • I commence all men to support and give mutual support to the community at large #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @yach_msa @MOH_Kenya @yach_msa @LVCTKe @KenyaSRHR @fhokmyc @Ochieng12Benard @NuruAbdulaziz3 @agwatanmercy @leujonson @Rose14Juma @darlijullez
  • Hon ABRAR is one of the MCAs who faulted Joho鈥檚 misuse of public funds and after reporting the 31.4 BILLION matter to @EACCKenya the inspectorate who acted like goons attacked his businesses and beat up his family.LAWS has become FRAGILE under the influence of ONE DICTATOR in msa
  • #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @yach_msa @NuruAbdulaziz3 @leujonson @darlijullez @Rose14Juma @LucasRo22581403 @Ochieng12Benard
  • PLO lumumba Addresses a matter of public interest about a mystery bag
  • I stand against violence among women and girls . Women and girls need our love and support #KomeshaGBV. #BongaNaOne2One . @one2oneKE ,@LVCTKe ,@yach_msa ,@NuruAbdulaziz3 ,@ChroniclesVee ,@ummi_said ,@esther_aoko ,@RitahAnindo ,@marthaBiyakiOba ,@MRendez89 ,@AilesBeka
  • Everyone has a responsibility in the fight against Violence. #KomeshaGBV. #BongaNaOne2One @one2oneKE ,@yach_msa ,@NuruAbdulaziz3 ,@anthonychazara ,@lomlen_ ,@robakim1 ,@marthaBiyakiOba ,@QuinterMilly
  • Get informed be TRuE #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @yach_msa @NuruAbdulaziz3 @LVCTKe @fhokmyc @Ochieng12Benard @GamboWilfred @KenyaSRHR
  • #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @yach_msa @Rose14Juma @NuruAbdulaziz3 @leujonson @LucasRo22581403 @KenyaSRHR
  • From TOP to BOTTOM justice is key in all aspects one being GBV #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @yach_msa @fhokmyc @luckymwachi @LVCTKe @NuruAbdulaziz3 @leujonson
  • The burden get's lighter #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @one2oneKE @leujonson @loveablekathia
  • #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @leujonson,@MimahH13,@agwatanmercy,@HonJoelOmiyo
  • Do not keep quite when you're feel threatened #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @yach_msa @LVCTKe @leujonson @NuruAbdulaziz3 @Rose14Juma @luckymwachi @fhokmyc @KenyaSRHR
  • Women are more vulnerable to all forms of violence. Let's end Violence. #KomeshaGBV. #BongaNaOne2One . @one2oneKE ,@yach_msa
  • GBV is just GBV whether physical, emotional, psychological, sexual Violence. Don't be silent about it. Our voices matter . #KomeshaGBV. #BongaNaOne2One . @one2oneKE ,@LVCTKe ,@yach_msa ,@YACHMigori ,@YACHSiaya ,@kilifi_youth
  • FaCT we're prone to all forms of GBV #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @yach_msa @fhokmyc @NuruAbdulaziz3 @leujonson @darlijullez @Rose14Juma @LVCTKe @KenyaSRHR
  • GBV undermines safety,dignity, overall health status and human rights of an individual #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One
  • #komeshaGbv #bongaNaone2one @yach_msa @leujonson
  • It's time to say enough to GBV cases. #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @yach_msa,@ummi_said,@OmacheThomas,@YACHKisumu,@agwatanmercy,@Rose14Juma,@IvmHvmvdi
  • #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @yach_msa @leujonson @darlijullez @Rose14Juma @lvct @NuruAbdulaziz3 @ChroniclesVee
  • #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2one @yach_msa @EstherPassaris @governorkibwana @kibwana15
  • #mombasayouthweek2020 it's time now youths from different areas in @MombasaCountyKe fully engaged #IYD2020 @KuzaSME @MagakMaureen @LendAvoiceAfriq @omarchairebells @candybaibe170 @ShamimJuma @NaimaTwahir @WilsonNolly @LonamacCBo @PwaniYouth @SDY_Ke
  • Day 2. #MombasaYouthWeek2020 Dialogue & Auditions Day 2 kicks off in Kisauni and Nyali at Frere Town Hall #IYD20 @swahilipothub @KenyaRedCross @StretchersYouth @IChooseLife_ICL
  • One of the Mombasa MCAs , Hon ABRAR who faulted Gov Joho鈥檚 misuse of public funds and reported the ks31B matter to EACC, his family was attacked and businesses destroyed by Mombasa inspectorate police and hired goons.
  • #MombasaYouthWeek2020 Happening Now!! Welcome all..
  • Always report any form of violence you identify to an elder person or call 1190 for support #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One
  • #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @ummi_said,@OmacheThomas,@wilsonlore4
  • Women's rights are human rights #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @yach_msa @NancyMbithe4 @leujonson @darlijullez @Didah18923651 @NuruAbdulaziz3 @wilsonlore4 @LucasRo22581403 @Arnoldbaya001
  • Now you know #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One
  • Its our collective responsibility #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One
  • Its international youth week today joined i my follow youth in a per activity's at frere town hall in Nyali Sub County. This year we looking towards developing Mombasa County Youth Policy. #MombasaYouthWeek2020 @TheVoice867 @UzalendoI @PwaniYouth
  • GENDER INEQUALITY IS THE ISSUE #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @yach_msa @NuruAbdulaziz3 @leujonson @fhokmyc @ChroniclesVee @Rose14Juma @darlijullez
  • Let's stop this cultural norm for it violates the rights of women a d girls . #KomeshaGBV. #BongaNaOne2One @one2oneKE ,@yach_msa ,@darlijullez ,@Rose14Juma ,@Carey08123165 ,@ConsMuna ,@ChroniclesVee ,@agwatanmercy ,@esther_aoko ,@RitahAnindo ,@amargaret93 ,@QuinterMilly
  • Let's give information and knowledge on GBV to end violence #KomeshaGBV #BongaNaOne2One @OmacheThomas,@ummi_said,@HonJoelOmiyo,@wilsonlore4,@Arnoldbaya001