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Guys, be careful along James Gichuru tonight. At around 10:40 PM, while heading home, a group of men, stoned my car. I am told they do that so you stop & then they rob you. I have a cracked windscreen😔 but I am fine. 🙏🏾

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Who is your next president come 2022

❤️ for for Dp William Ruto pic.twitter.com/hGaZMMARXY
  • I give up 😭
  • Who is your next president come 2022 🔁 for BABA RAILA ODINGA ❤️ for for Dp William Ruto
  • Men, This tweet is not about cars. #MasculinitySaturday
  • USA. My village😂😂
  • 😭😭😭😭
  • Kenya’s most scenic spaces are to be found north of the Equator. To experience them, we loaded up the Forester, charged our batteries and left for Marsabit on a 4-day photographic trip that ended up being a 7-day adventure. #TembeaKenya #AfricanTravel #OnetouchLive #TheBigNorth
  • Broadways should choose between selling bread and padlocks... 😆😆. 📷 Courtesy
  • Karibu kirinyaga naibu Rais as well fellowship together.
  • @dexxe
  • "I need to "you only save money" live once"
  • Manchester United confirmed to Ralf Rangnick his ‘consultancy’ role from June 2022 until 2024 - but Ralf would be interested in taking the full time manager role if offered. 🔴🇩🇪 #MUFC Rangnick’s camp working on work permit. It’s taking time - he’s planning to arrive next week.
  • Nobody: YouTube football video thumbnails:
  • Matatu owners in Nairobi are quite up to date on @LewisHamilton's win record. @MercedesAMGF1 #F1
  • Nyashinski: You have 40 seconds. Femi 'Uno' One:
  • hear me out .. twitter.com/jaelmemo/statu…
  • @Africa_Archives
  • Naskia Tumefikiwa… twitter.com/_crazynairobia…
  • My boo akijaribu kuwrap her leg around me in bed badala ya kuapologize for annoying me
  • Kuna watu wataona hii picha washindwe kukula breakfast, then they start writing letters to IEBC sijui CSs what 😅
  • THIS IS THE GUY.HIS ODDS ARE REAL AND LEGIT. HE HAS REGISTERED 100% WIN SINCE JOINING HIM. TEXT, CALL OR WHATSAPP TO 0706828899. WHATSAPP LINK 👇api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=254… Yesterday's win👇 #MasculinitySaturday Willy Paul Malala Kanini Kega Femi one #Kenya7s #KonshensInKenya Ngong
  • 09:27 Please avoid Uhuru Highway via @MativoMJohn
  • This is CONTEMPT of COURT. Ahmednasir SC, Prof Ojeinda SC and President Havi will hear the case. SC Donald will be prosecution counsel. Omwanza will be defence Counsel. Hearing: Great Hall, University of Nairobi. Date December 1st to 3rd.
  • It’s the shirts with everybody’s responsibility for me 🥺
  • Gateman:bila ID hauezi ingia. Comrade:ivyo ndio ulizuianga masomo kuingia kwa kichwa Gateman