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If you always have to be the bigger person, stop hanging around smaller people.
Justice Martha Koome:

"If I got married today and I have some property, my spouse is not entitled to it. And if I got married and my husband has some property, I am not entitled to it because that is his property."

Give that judge my vaccine
Lady Justice Martha Koome

Undergraduate Degree, 1986.

Masters Degree, 2010.

24 Years later.

In life, never compete with anyone, your pace is just okay!

Keep moving!
Nmefika Ruiru kuuliza factory ya gun iko wapi wanasema hata wao waliona kwa news😂😂
  • INTERIOR CS Fred Matiangi confirms ongoing curfew hours in disease infected zone will run until May 29, 2021.
  • CURRENT CURFEW hours in the disease infected zone will run until end of May, Interior CS Matiang’i says.
  • Kenya petrol prices will from midnight today increase to highest levels in Kenya history. Petrol is set to increase by Shs 4.30 to Shs 127.11 per litre while diesel will rise to Shs 109.96. — Business Daily
  • Naisha!!😂😂😂
  • Other kids at 8 vs me and the gang at the same age🤣
  • Big Pharma and Covid 19 Vaccine
  • 08:28 Please help this guy if you are in a position to do so. via @kimaniq
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  • The Makueni Oxygen Plant has a production capacity of 288 cubic meters of oxygen daily. This can fill 50 large oxygen cylinders. Own production, which covers all the sub-county hospitals, has put the county in good stead to manage the Covid-19 pandemic with ease.
  • Fifty-seven years of holding the country hostage. Not enough?
  • KEZIA OBAMA, mother of Auma and Malik Obama, dies nearly two weeks after the death of family matriarch Sarah Obama.
  • Here lay the remains of what used to be Splash Water World, Kenya is heartbreaking...
  • Talk of a real ninja 🙌😀
  • Court fines man Sh2m after confessing his sins in church bit.ly/3mSrZSs
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  • Master craftsmen 🎨
  • Can we do a thread of videos that live rent free in your head? I'll start. Oya buda nitolee hio petco😂😂😂😂
  • A vulture waits for a starving boy to die, so it could eat him, Sudan, 1993.
  • Babako amekulipia fees ya four yrs😒then peer pressure inakufanya unafanya huu upuzi💔😢ngojea results💔why do this to ur parents💔so shamefull😭
  • 'We need a youth justice in Kenya, you cannot graduate from being a child at 18 to be dealt with a sledge hammer of the law at 19.' Lady Justice Martha Koome on the Sexual Offences Act.
  • A series of documentaries have been made by John Allan Nyamu a member of Civil society exposing Ruto's allies on how proxies have been used to siphon public money #NamuExposesRuto
  • Q: Does marriage give the two parties propriety rights? Lady Justice Martha Koome: A spouse is not entitled to property that the other party had before the two got married.
  • Jackie Chan in this interview explained how his son changed after he went to the U.S