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Ordering a croissant is such a headache. You don't want to say kroyisant because that's too Kenyan, but you also don't want to say qqqwaso because that's too French.
Edinson Cavani has signed his contract extension with Manchester United, here we go! 🚨🇺🇾 #MUFC

The agreement has been completed, Cavani has accepted to stay after Man Utd board and Solskjaer were pushing to keep him. Confirmed and done deal. 🔴 #ManUtd #Cavani
Kumbe when you return people's energy you're suddenly the bad one? 😂😂. Mna mambo. Nothing will ever be off the table when disrespect is served.
Unless you transform the lives of ordinary people, you cannot hope to transform Africa.
  • Ni nini husumbua Mammito?😂😭
  • I was looking a littu cute yesterday 🥰.
  • Palestinian dispossession: How it started. How it's going.
  • THE LORD HAS DONE IT AGAIN! WACHENI MUNGU AITWE MUNGU. As usual a few haters will say this is PR but I want to prove them wrong by telling them there's a God in heaven and the Devil is always a liar.
  • My mum giving me the 1st chapati while it's still hot🥰🥰🥰.
  • I had a great chat this morning with Governor @mamangilu and @GovWOparanya together with Senator @orengo_james whom I hosted for brunch. Thanks for dropping by.
  • ORGULLOSO de defender esta camiseta... PROUD to defend this jersey... @ManUtd 🤝
  • Eeh whose kid is this?
  • Jamie Carragher Jimmy Karanga
  • Yooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #KOT #Nairobi 😂😂😂😂 kelvin okwara for tourism....
  • Slaves used to Cornrows to transfer nd create maps to leave the plantatation. Its most documented in Colombia where Benkos Biohoz a king captured from Africa by Portuguese who escape slavery, built San Basilio de palanquin, a village in Northern Colombia around the 17th century
  • Cleansing Ruto!
  • The road to Tokyo is full of smiles. 😁
  • Together With Gov Oparanya & Sen Orengo, Had A Good Meeting With Rt Hon Raila Odinga At His Karen Home
  • Glorious 😍 ✍️ #Cavani2022 #MUFC @ECavaniOfficial
  • Warrant of arrest issued against Goldenscape CEO Peter Wangai charged with defrauding Kenyans through fake greenhouse deals after failing to appear in court
  • #KCSE2020 to be released today Backbenchers:
  • My dad to the 27 years old me: "Naona wanaume tunaanza kujaa kwa hii nyumba" 💀😭
  • “City of Hustle” N A I R O B I
  • The situation around my home is still tense. Dozens of soldiers are surrounding my home, checking every vehicle that comes in or goes out. All this to suppress the citizens' voices as the emperor crowns himself for a 6th term! In this I am confident- WE SHALL OVERCOME
  • How it started Vs How it is going.
  • @kevmwachiro