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Whether I am here or not I will always support my Gunners 👍🏼😉 Good luck tonight! 🙌🏼 #YaGunnersYa #COYG #ARSNEW
This afternoon, the US Ambassador to Uganda made an effort to visit me but was turned away from my gate by the soldiers who have held me and my wife captive for the past five days.
A WEEK AGO; 'I am in charge of this government!'
THIS MORNING; 'People in Government are stealing 2 billion everyday...'
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  • I am a graduate of interior architecture, became a carpenter, set up a factory in Kenya & this truly is my happy place. I create from the depth of my soul,exploring all materials, believing that #madeinkenya & #jobcreation is the way to go. This is a long term investment.
  • The ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna came to disrupt the SGM as is his habit. I will move a motion at the AGM for him to perform community service by slashing grass at Gitanga Road for three weeks. ^POLSK
  • 🎶 The kids are alright 😉👌 #ARSNEW
  • Who can you trust as a leader ? 🔃 DP Ruto. ❤ Murathe #UhuruPettyLies
  • Only legends know the owner of this van
  • Ukikaa mbele time ya exams halafu lec akupitishie papers akuambie "peana nyuma"
  • The President eyeing tomorrow’s 2 billion
  • Social media influencers will be liable to pay digital service tax since their income is derived from or accrued from the provision of services through a digital marketplace or by providing digital advertising services in Kenya. For more details, kra.go.ke/en/helping-tax…
  • Shetani ako mbinguni....Eeeh. Tinga anaishi Pre-Genesis.
  • An armed robbery has taken place at Ramtons Mombasa Road. Thanks to the failing government, incompetent police and dwindling incomes, insecurity has risen.
  • Sonko since he got impeached
  • Bobi Wine while speaking under house arrest. (ADMIN)
  • The president needs your attention here please.
  • Gilbeys ikiona ukiweka foundation ya Indomie
  • Me and the bag this year
  • After Jaramogi fell out with Jomo in 1966, he started moving around wearing Akala shoes and in shorts disguised as a poor man fighting the rich. Welcome to our history of political traps.
  • Wah!
  • "Nimekuwa nikibweka for sometime now ukiniassume, anyway gari yako imeenda"
  • This young boy made Iron man’s suit with Cartons🥺 It will cost you nothing to RT this creativity.❤️
  • Ukibuy nguo Moi Avenue.
  • Kings don't chase,that is how crowns fall off.👑 -The End-
  • Wueh. Facts tu.