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You will know your genuine friends when

- You are arrested and locked in police cells.

- You lost a loved one.

Genuine friends visit you in both because they share in both the joy of your freedoms and the pain of your loss.

Fake friends only appear in your freedoms.

Let @paulpogba not turn up for @ManUtd training and see how the English media and fans go mad!
Helicopters & police forces out searching his location immediately 😂
#kane #PremierLeague #FootballNews
Utapata ii ni jam inahepa pic.twitter.com/AqtKwRAKEf
Isorait....tumwachie MUNGU
  • Utapata ii ni jam inahepa
  • This goons robbed my phone and its still syncing @DCI_Kenya @CisNyakundi
  • This clip always gets my blood boiling she didn’t lie at any point 😔😔😔
  • Bottom up economy 😭😭😭
  • I am here to remind you that another man’s wife is a minefield. Stay away from other men’s wives whether she is as beautiful as a zebra or attractive as a morning star, Her husband will finish you & we shall use you as a lesson or an example to other men. Read this. #ManDay
  • Remember the name!
  • Watch the guy on the left😂
  • If you want a measure of how topsy-turvy this #Olympics is, Kenya didn’t win the men’s steeplechase. In football terms, this is Germany losing on penalties..,
  • Kenya has been winging it for many years and getting away with it. Natural talent is no longer good enough to win at #Olympics level. Technology and facilities play a big factor and Kenya is lacking in both.. not just for athletics, but most sports.. #seanknows
  • What really, is the interest of the OCS Muthangari Police Station in the internal affairs of the Law Society of Kenya? These officers are permanently stationed at the LSK Headquarters on orders from “above.” ^POLSK
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  • There is a certain mystique about this man, Leonard Ngure. Some say that God paints through his hands..
  • Benjamin Kigen bags Kenya her first medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics winning bronze after clocking 8:11.45 in the men’s steeplechase final.
  • Nobody: Robert Burale:
  • Sijui tuko mwezi gani, but ....
  • Ndio hii video ingine nikiwapea more tips on masculinity. Stay toxic champs. 😂
  • @AllanNyash