7 day tweet volume :
  • Staff from Three Heart Guesthouse, Baa Atoll Fulhadhoo saving two turtles who got trapped in a net. ☺️
  • Very encouraging to see India as a most reliable partner for small island issues. Discussed importance of the IPCC report on 1.5 degrees and coastal protection initiatives with Dr A.K Mekhta, head of delegation of India.#COP24Katowice
  • When water flows so smoothly it looks solid. This effect is called Laminar flow
  • It was a pleasure to meet with Prime Minister Bainimarama of Fiji to discuss cooperation among Island States to protect people's human and economic rights, and sovereign land through biological adaptation strategies and investment in clean energy.
  • Much better than some guest houses in male’ ! Thank You for sharing. Wish maumoon would share his jail cell penthouse. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • Our Sheikh, 2 military trained officers and & myself The Engineer. Locked and humiliated we were, but our fighting spirit never waned.
  • Innovative data-driven storytelling effort by @avasmv. We need more interactive features like this. #datajournalism #journalismmv #onlinejournalism
  • Met with the @CancerSocietyMV , they raised concerns regarding the promotion of energy drinks in sports. Ministry supports their campaign against consuming & promoting energy drinks as there are proven health risks associated with it.
  • Emissions keep rising & rising & we keep talking & talking & talking Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed @COP24Katowice . #1o5C #COP24 @TheCVF news conference twitter.com/TheCVF/status/…
  • I am totally against secularism in the name of democracy, human rights & good governance. I disagree to separate the State of Maldives from Islam. I will not support to enact laws paving way for secular values in the Maldives. A vote for #Alhan2019 is a vote against Secularism.
  • Special Envoy to the President His Excellency @MohamedNasheed and Minister of Environment @DrHussainHassan met with the Environment Minister of Japan to discuss the close bilateral ties and continuing collaboration in addressing impacts of climate change #COP24Katowice
  • Mahloof refusing to continue meeting until selfie with Minister reached 50 likes 👌
  • Dhakkaa vaahakayaa manzarakaa dhimaeh nuvey. Mee varah dhera kameh. Mi varah dhogu hadhaa baeh. ! Ethiby jaluga varah haaluga. 🙄🤔
  • Mee Jaleh Tha ? Thee Appa Resort Ennu
  • Good morning my Hero HEP @MohamedNasheed #MahchangolhiMedhu #Majilis2019 #nazaahaiytherimajlis #Vote4Anni
  • Now available Sunee’s special brand mother’s choices coconut oil 🌴♥️ (Trust me)
  • I've never said this few years. I've never done anything like this before. 😱😰 both nervous and excited. I'd like to invite every for hedhika tea at izzudeen faalan at 5:15 pm. We will swim (from @KurumbaMaldive)and meet you. @MTCCPlc #SuzukiMarine #MaldivesOpenForSwimming
  • Exercise Ekuverin 2018 gai Baiverivaa India Askariyyage Sifain, Raajje Athuvejje mndf.gov.mv/mndf/newsd?new…
  • Afternoon walks in paradise 🏝 I really believe the Maldives is one of the few places left on this earth where you can find a whole strip, beach or even island all to yourself without a single other person in sight. 📷 @marconardone @DhigaliMaldives #Maldives #MaldivesInsider
  • The US Senate has voted to end US military support for Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen and blames Saudi's crown prince for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
  • @AishathAzima
  • Tuna caught sustainably in the #Maldives on shelves here in the US. It is so important to keep the whole process sustainable to keep making this claim including obtaining of bait. We have to stop dredging and reclaiming our reefs and lagoons the habitat of our bait stocks.
  • 2️⃣2️⃣ unbeaten - but we want MORE! #WeAreTheArsenal 🔴
  • #NewProfilePic
  • Inviting road rage and then complaining of ‘Islamophobia.’ Thank you @Imamofpeace for sharing this gem.
  • Saaabahey Schizu!! 💪KKBK!! @MaleCitymv ge Anhenunge Tharaggee ah Masakkaiy Kuraa Committee ge Machangolhi Uthuru gondi ah Ma. Boalhakinkirimaage Haleemath Shiznaa (Schizu) Vote lun: Aminiya School Hall ga 15 December 2018 2.00pm to 5pm
  • Rayyathun nufelaa #NetuHeyokurey @Dhiraagu @OoredooMaldives
  • Dhuvaafaru ga kurin meehun ulhunu kamuge nisaan thah: In land use plan this area is protected. Visited area with Dhuvaafaru council member @jumbojeyz n youths. This area can be developed as Heritage Park and exhibit Dhandehelu story for local tourism. @yumna_maumoon @HeritageMV