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President Hage G. Geingob delivers the State of the Nation address 2020. #NamSONA2020 pscp.tv/w/caeIITFkcmpl…
We can try to be cute about it but President @hagegeingob has a point with the youth and tribalism. We have an opportunity to change these -isms but we perpetuate the stereotypes. “Dom wamboes & kwankara” jokes are regular features in WhatsApp groups & debates on SM #NamSONA2020
“Nghifike punyoko”

Iyaa omwadina tate Hage man.

1 He is the Head Of State. 2 He is an elder, but you want to yell at him like you’re yelling at your child. NO

Even the nicest people have their limits.Dont take their kindness for granted & expect to disrespect them unprovoked.
  • Even sis was shocked 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀
  • Maarah Swartbooi supposed to say Iam older than your wife😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #NamSONA2020
  • PDM members turn up at parliament wearing black as a sign of mourning the State of the Nation Address. #SONA2020 #EagleFM
  • #BringNduvaSylviaHome She's only 8, it's been weeks!!
  • There should be programs that teaches the police how to conduct themselves around the people they swore to protect and serve & most of it should be about enger management. You can not diffuse a bomb by hitting it. Let's love each other more
  • I'm sure if we scan the president's temperature right now. It is higher than some of y'all over heating iPhones. 😂😂 #NamSONA2020
  • JUST IN | The seven-day total lockdown of Walvis Bay due to the coronavirus has been extended until Monday, health minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula has announced.
  • The President just said he looks younger than many young people. Check your lives colleagues. #NamSONA2020
  • A man was arrested in Windhoek yesterday morning for spreading fake Covid-19-related news. buff.ly/306DP1R
  • President Hage Geingob: The Federal Republic of Germany has agreed that the events of 1904-1908 can be termed genocide and they are ready to render an apology, at the highest level of German Government. #NamSONA2020
  • FULL-TIME : Swartboi 2- 0 Hage Common 56’ (pen) Sense 90+1
  • No caption needed ❤️
  • Air Namibia's SW 385 Flew Yesterday from Heathrow Airport (London) for the First Time in History. It GOT a Licence to Fly Anywhere in the World! It repatriated Namibians from Europe & a body (4Free) that has been in London for almost 3 months. Congrats Air Namibia Leadership 🙏
  • #NamSONA2020 Can you stop that jumping? Opposition party:
  • Seeing Namibian 🇳🇦 names on local adverts is what we live for
  • He shut them up real good. Haven't heard any comments since then. #NamSONA2020
  • "I'm older than your mother" scenes from #NamSONA2020