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If we’re being frank, a lot more Oshiwambo men are killing women than any other tribe in this country and it’s not just because they make up part of the larger demographic. Aawambo people really need to face this reality and look at how we raise the boy child and change our ways.
Oh I see we are back to believing we get devalued by sleeping with you, so I need to ask again, what is so wrong with your penis that takes my value down after I slept with you ???
We blame money. Most passion killers are broke, some killed women they were dependent on. We blame cheating. Faithful women get killed. We say leave, most women are killed after leaving. I promise, these niggas will kill us anyway. It is MEN whose beliefs & actions must change.
Some of us are strong, because being strong is the only option we are left with. 🙏🙏😭
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  • If "CONSISTENCY" was a person. @Gazza467_
  • السلام عليكم. دا الرد بتاعي للفارغة الحصلت دي. انا عارفو طويل لكن ارجوكم ارجوكم شوفوهو كلو #وانشروهو عليييكم الله.. عشان نص الناس السمعتي اتشوهت قدامها تشوف الكلام دا. أرجوكم شوفو الكلام للأخير وساعدوني بي انو يصل لي اكبر عدد من الناس زي ما الإشاعات الطلعت دي وصلت للناس كلها.
  • Matter of fact!
  • A member of 'Operation Kalahari Desert' fainted after he was attacked by a civilian whom he allegedly tried to assault at the corner of Dawid Goreseb and Frans Hoesemab streets in Windhoek's Damara Location yesterday. buff.ly/2NuqwTe
  • In the wake of the second killing of an unarmed civilian, ombudsman John Walters has called for the temporary removal of soldiers from Operation Kalahari Desert, so they can receive expert training. bit.ly/2m2tdz4
  • This is a hamper a friend received of the price N$390 from @uutoni_maria 🙃 and don’t forget the shitty customer service.
  • “They say I dream too big, I say they think too small” #BurjKhalifa
  • Full video is available here youtu.be/Jk0znxHDOkE
  • Quand t'envoie un message risqué et que tu la réponse est positive
  • 😥🥺🥺🥺 My family has actually dealt with answers like this one from the police. Those things of saying “omuntu gweni omumushi nale” “Kapena ohauto” “Indeni koshakati” 😣 twitter.com/thenamibian/st…
  • Look by @MsShipanga ❤️❤️
  • Ministry to recruit 4 000 health professionals is.gd/3JPVaE
  • Your crush probably hates showers and Baths. That clear skin is just filters. 😂😂😂😂😂