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Who are some cool young Māori illustrators/comic artists? For possible future Spinoff work, and for forwarding on jobs I can't do - have had a few clients specifically ask me to recommend Māori artists recently. I have a few names but I bet there are heaps more I don't know
Chuckling away to myself at the angry messages from conspiracy theorists who are offended by me labelling them cockwombles. When the NZ army institutes its secret martial law plan I’ll be sure to amend my terminology. #cockwombles
Requiring border staff to be tested is “a big lever to pull”, but locking Auckland down isn’t? This Government is out of touch. New leadership is required because we can’t hug our way out of this crisis. We need competence, not just good communication.

get Kim Hill to do the contact tracing interviews imo
  • My 17 year old niece isn’t lying though💯
  • Free masks for the elderly in Õtara made by local Fashion Designer Natasha Auali'itia #tashaleecouture This is the Sth AKL I know.
  • Poll puts Labour as the preferred party for business owners for first time dlvr.it/Rdc634
  • There's an alarming amount of US-style misinformation and conspiracy theories circulating NZ at the moment. Don't fall for it - cartoon in today's NZ Herald and premium online here... #nzpol #premium nzherald.co.nz/opinion/news/a…
  • Announcing ‘3 Nights in Amsterdam’ Brand new mixtape dropping in two weeks, 28/08 💜💜✨✨
  • leT's TrY tHE swEdISh MOdEL, iT's GoOD fOr ThE eCOnOmY
  • Growers around NZ are saying to the PM "Let's open up the independent fruit and vegetable retailers so that all of NZ can get access to fresh, locally grown produce." Without community-based fruit and veg shops, many won't have access to healthy food. #SaveGreengrocersFightCovid
  • When the going gets tough the tough get their #formalfriday on!!! Apologies for the amateur posing.
  • #BREAKING: Auckland will stay at Alert Level 3 and the rest of the country at Alert Level 2 for 12 more days, until 11.59pm August 26, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today. The wage subsidy scheme has been extended.
  • @madmanchap
  • Time capsule: New Zealand’s top 3 apps on 14 August 2020.
  • .@barbaradreaver's opinion: Should we identify the first Covid family as Pasifika? Yes we should, and here's why: tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-z…
  • Wow, his "Be a Hero - Be Boring" posters might be even better than the Mask ones.
  • Today in History 14 Aug 1891, Women's suffrage petitions presented to Parliament bit.ly/2DTdXh7
  • A map of all the places connected to the new Auckland cluster. Follow live Covid-19 updates for Friday 14 August here: rnz.co.nz/news/national/…
  • I love these clever Wear A Mask posters from graphic designer Noma Bar.