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I have the honour to present our 72-page Manifesto, titled, "It's POssible: Our Pact with Nigerians." This Manifesto, its overarching and visionary policy planks, lay out our mission focus and mandate for securing, uniting and making Nigeria productive.
I invite you to peruse the policy document. -PO manifesto.obidatticampaign.com
Just let these numbers sink in 🤯 pic.twitter.com/6FAe7j48o9
  • @asakemusik
  • Just let these numbers sink in 🤯
  • I miss you bra tryna push through the pain
  • For mischief-makers who peddle unfounded rumours about ⁦@officialABAT⁩ being denied visa to the US, you leave us with no option but to show you his current visa (that has always been renewed since time immemorial). This is for the misguided ones who believe these rumours
  • @PeterObi
  • I mean, who else? ✨
  • Everything about Tinubu is fake and forced! The circulating Visa is fake and forged!
  • Wonderful. It has happened. 👌🏻
  • 😎
  • Post that of your candidate 👀
  • If we are angry enough to change our condition with our votes, we'll bid goodbye to the locust years. - Abdul Mahmud, 'Goodbye to All That', 1998
  • @PeterObi
  • Lotta bark, no bite.
  • Australian players were fanboying over Messi after the match 😂
  • From the North, the South, the East & the West, Nigerians are praying for Peter Obi. Nigerians genuinely love @PeterObi😭😭
  • You have to fear Nigerian activists! 😑 @adeyanjudeji
  • Gooooal!!!😂😂 Finally with Peter Drury . Many thanks @jimbeglin
  • @nocontextfooty
  • Pastor Enenche, has finally broken the table.
  • Omo this Nasty C guyy🥶
  • Keke Palmer announces she’s pregnant during her SNL monologue, expecting her first child.
  • One whole year ago, I managed to convince this woman and her people to do the rest of lifetime with me. To many more years of bliss to us 🥂 🙏🏽
  • “What’s on your mind?” Me:
  • I feel good, I knew that I would now ✋🏽😜🤚🏽
  • This moment with Messi ❤️ 👍
  • For Ladies who wear "Lashes" ,be careful of the glue they use on you, and make sure you're not allergic to it. They had to flush her eyes out 4X. If she had slept, she would've woke up blind. It was not the normal glue she uses but a new glue. Stay safe.
  • May Allah always keep our hearts together, and our efforts united. Ameen
  • @PeterObi OBIdient forever
  • @PeterObi Dear @PeterObi, The #ObiDattiManifesto is about trust. I trust you two. ❤💯
  • Peter Obi, you can't help himself, can you? Lying is really a part of your DNA. Your manifesto has 62 pages, not 72. And nothing about it is original... not even its title. You simply stole Nuhu Ribadu's presidential campaign slogan of 2011. twitter.com/PeterObi/statu…
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