7 day tweet volume :
  • BREAKING: Jose Mourinho has been sacked by Manchester United. #SSN
  • The thing that is annoying me the most right now is why are people so focused on @paulpogba and Jose Mourinho. Let's focus on rebuilding something solid instead of being in a playground. Doing this is only disrespecting the badge, from now we only need positivity. #ManUtd #MUFC
  • The Nigeria Police arrested Deji Adeyanju for the 3rd time & have now kept him away from his family & friends. No one has seen him. An allegation has been made that @PoliceNG have moved him to an unknown destination, plan to execute him & claim it was an accidental discharge.
  • BREAKING: Manchester United announce Jose Mourinho has left the club
  • BREAKING: @ManUtd have announced that Jose Mourinho has left with immediate effect. skysports.tv/K2MLpC
  • #Nigeria’s military used a speech by Donald Trump to justify shooting at protesters in October. We investigated what happened and uncovered that an elite battalion fired machine guns into a crowd of unarmed marchers. nyti.ms/2GwdKAW
  • This video makes me so happy ❤️ @bustarhymes
  • Him: My place right? Her: Yes, yes, hurry Him: Oooh, you're eager Her: Of course I'm eager, it's almost 4. You have DSTV right? Him: Yeah, why? Her: "Love and suffering" will soon start on Zeeworld Him:
  • 😂😂 Who said you should rush?
  • The dribble is so filthy
  • You really thought everything was okay at Manchester United?
  • Few minutes after Mourinho was sacked Pogba:
  • OK Paul, here's my caption: 'Smug, toxic, under-performing, childish £100 million d*ckhead uses worst possible moment to be a smart-arse'.