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Almighty. Give us the strength & courage to stay firm & hold on to our faith & belief. Don鈥檛 make us among those who are people pleasers, losing ourselves in a crowd just because we want to fit in. Help us to worry less about what others think of us. Only You matter in the end!
Girls infront of a Mirror delaying their boyfriends by applying the lipgloss they already applied 30 minutes ago 馃槖馃ぁ馃拕
Men need to understand that to be with a woman who has been deceived all her life, broken by others and has sacrificed for others, you just have to have her back! Don鈥檛 walk in to destroy her world more, she might just be hanging on by a tiny thread and you myt be all she needs.
Forex! Forex!! Forex!!!

Everybody is now talking about forex and some are offering training or investment for a price. But nobody will tell you how risky forex is. In forex, you can make $1000 in a sec and you can lose same or more of that amount in a sec.
  • 25 馃帄馃 Happy birthday to me馃帀
  • Kids these days will never know the struggle
  • Simply sensational, Bobby 馃ぉ馃槏馃ぉ
  • As a man, having a lady as a bestie is like having a chicken as a pet, you鈥檇 definitely eat it one day.
  • This can kill someone's son 馃槬
  • 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀I guess no body can stand this
  • All this motivational speaker need to be stop馃槱馃槱
  • There is much more joy when your friends are rich as you are.
  • Beauty has shifted from the eyes of the beholder to the hands of a make up artist. Contact @omo_bolanlee to book for a make up session. Location: Lagos If this appears on your timeline, kindly RT, her customer might be on your timeline.
  • This doctor Said i had some unhealthy stuff in my body I asked what's up but the mofo was more concerned with drinks He kept saying "Collect straw"
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