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Killings in Zamafara, Sokoto, Niger, Katsina, Kaduna, and Borno states and you’re there shouting you stand with @MBuhari? Bro you need sense #SecureNorth
One of the biggest problems we face in our lives today is distraction! There’s too much going on around us that it’s hard to stay focused. Everything screams for our attention. Don't waste time on anything that doesn't improve and enhance your life in any way. Stay vigilant!
Let it be known that Adamu Garba just incited Arewa people telling us to come together and stand behind Buhari. He wants us to go to war if need be to protect the region’s name and dignity. Hold him responsible if violence breaks out.
Good day, My name is Obi-Enadhuze Daniel younger brother of the now deceased Okechukwu Obi-Enadhuze @O_Okee . I, my brother and mother lived at makinde police barracks, mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos State. Today at about 11 o'clock in the morning...
My friends bro is gone. This country killed him .I really dont know how Daniel would feel now .fuck pic.twitter.com/LyhqHC1PKv
  • Salaam alaikum jama’a, don Allah ku saurari bidiyon nan akan maganan arewacin Nigeria akan matsalar protest na SARS
  • Waving flags, they sang Nigeria’s anthem. Then they were shot at. aje.io/5p87s
  • I hv never seen SARS or been brutalized by the police but I made these cartoons becuz others have. I hv also made so many cartoons about insecurity in the north especially under this Govt. #SecureNorth is not a competition, it’s about a bigger problem. #SecureNorth
  • with all the insecurity we're facing in Arewa, some id!ots want us to side with Buhari just because he's a Northerner, this is bigotry and we're not part of it, Buhari disappointed everyone in this country, what has he done considering our security situation.?? #SecureArewa
  • Yan Arewa!
  • Murderer.