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Focus on what you have, no matter how little & you’ll be happy. Focus on what’s missing in your life & what the neighbours have & you’ll be sad. It all depends on where your focus lies in life. If it’s the Almighty’s blessings then you’ll be content! Else, you’ll be miserable!
BREAKING: The Presidential Task Force on COVID–19 has reduced the nationwide curfew. Effective from tomorrow, the curfew starts from 10pm - 4am.
If you have a problem with someone’s skin colour, you have a problem with the Creator. He created us in a multitude of colours so we can appreciate diversity & live in harmony. Don’t let anyone tell you who is more superior. Treat people fairly. The Almighty is watching.
For now, all the schools are to remain closed, the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 announces the directive.
  • 416 new cases of #COVID19; Lagos-192 Edo-41 Rivers-33 Kaduna-30 Kwara-23 Nasarawa-18 Borno-17 FCT-14 Oyo-10 Katsina-7 Abia-5 Delta-5 Adamawa-4 Kano-4 Imo-3 Ondo-3 Benue-2 Bauchi-2 Ogun-2 Niger-1 10578 cases of #COVID19Nigeria Discharged: 3122 Deaths: 299 #TakeResponsibility
  • Nobody: #Ebola on the 1st day of June:
  • Never stop hustling. From keke rider to clothing business. Ya Allah bless our hustle.🙏🙏
  • Dm or call to order for your grilled herbed potatoes / chicken, will be available on wednesday and thursday for N1000. Let’s RT please and God bless.
  • 🎶 Babu damar attishawa, ka na attishawa a tarwatse. 🎶 This Covid-19 song sweet well well 😂😂😂
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  • 💬 @PaulPogba
  • STOP RAPING OUR WOMEN ‼️ STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR RAPISTS ‼️ #SayNoToRape #justiceforjennifer #JusticeForUwa
  • I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU for the wishes and prayers. I felt loved like never before, I wish I could reply each and everyone of you. But know that you have my undying gratitude for it all, May our Love & Friendship keep growing from grace to grace. Allah bar zumunci 💞❤️
  • Big Chickens for sale💃💃 1300 each Location:kaduna Pls rt
  • Blue issa bae💙💙 Specially dedicated to my bosslady @Rahma_sadau 💙💙
  • Creativity at its peak 🤯 , A Thread
  • Justice For All 🗣
  • Rinji Bala was a student of University of Jos. Rinji was the only son of his father. Rinji was killed by soldiers because of N10,000 and then claimed he was a robber. Rinji is yet to get justice since 12th of May and the soldiers not arrested yet. We plead #JusticeForRinji 🙏
  • EVEN Syria is standing with the BLM movement!? SYRIA! on top of godamn ruins. Save your excuses.
  • Happy new month Fams😊❤️
  • This should be the punishment for any rapist. Let them feel the pain too.