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The winners are those who are happy with the way the Almighty has made them. You don't have to follow what others are doing to be considered good looking or acceptable. You ARE good looking. You ARE original. You are YOU! So just be YOU! Not someone else!
Put an end to racism & violence. Stop labeling people. We're all part of the Almighty's creation. How difficult is it to be kind and to promote peace? It costs nothing. Let’s make a concerted effort to spread this message far and wide. Start by being a living example of it!
May the Almighty Allah forgive and be Merciful to Dr Maikanti Kachalla Baru,...
  • Clarification!!!
  • Specially dedicated to my boss and mentor @officialdeezell I remain loyal boss🙌🙌
  • So I found a video of my mum reading the news in 1998 while she was pregnant for me and oiza. She told me this was one of her saddest days of being a broadcaster cause she had to tell the whole of Nigeria that MKO Abiola had died .
  • My Cartoon Today @daily_trust
  • Marlians, oya today come forward! 💪🏾💕✊🏾 ...and the rest do what??? 🏴‍☠️ #MarliansDay
  • The newly built ‘International Wing’ at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport (Kano), work status = COMPLETED. Abuja and Port Harcourt Airports’ new international wings have been delivered since, while massive work ongoing at the project sites of Lagos and Enugu Airports.
  • The kind of games I love to play 😂
  • How old were you when you realised your car has an indicator to show which side the tank is?
  • Never a dull moment with them boys. 🥂🤝🏽
  • I have this foreign used Honda Accord 2017 with less than 20K mileage. Price - 5.8M Duty - Original Location - Kano RT please.
  • Recently someone sent me the link.. I never thought it would go this far. It was just unexpected shoot..
  • It's a Nut Fest 😻 Someone should help us with that of peenut😂
  • June 2019—————— May 2020 Alhamdulillahi 🥰
  • Why rush to leave after your Salaat? Especially Salaat of Fajr? Where are you rushing to? Listen to this golden advice.
  • Gobe Lahadi za a buɗe Masallacin Madinah 👉 bbc.in/3gwa54l
  • I'm the perfect vaccine. Medical Doctor in the Making. Your safety is always my concern. ❤
  • Sai Madugu😂😂😂
  • American movie be like (1/3)
  • 🍑🧡🌿 #MaskUp
  • I need Twitter Boyfriend 🥰🌹
  • Word! #BlackLivesMatter
  • His last Official Outing. His last Public Speech. His last Sitting on the Throne, exactly a week to his death (Friday 30th May, 2014). Allah Yaji Kan Gogarman Zaki Magajin Dabo 🙏🏻
  • Matte green sage paintjob done by us at Abujagarage.😁