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How the Nigerian Army went from “We were never at the #LekkiMassacre Scene” to “It was a photoshopped video” to “Lagos state government invited us to intervene in the #EndSars protests” is an attestation to the fact that Accountability is a scarce commodity in Nigeria.
We need to remove the mentality of "Nothing will happen" from this country.
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  • My Aunt left home yesterday around 1pm and she’s no where to be found. Her numbers are all switched off, and she hasn’t contacted anybody in the family. please if come across this pray for her Allah ya fito da ta Amin. Location kaduna RT please 🙏🏾
  • (1/4) Alleged Flogging of Curfew Defaulters in Ilesha, Osun State The attention of @NigAirForce has been drawn to a video showing some personnel flogging/meting out corporal punishment on suspected hoodlums involved in criminal activities during the imposed curfew in Ilesha.
  • RIP to those who have lost their lives to the violence happening in Nigeria. We stand in solidarity with all those fighting for justice. ✊🏾 #ENDSARS
  • You won’t be erased. 💔💐 #EndSARS #LekkiMassacre
  • VIDEO: 'It Belongs To Baba' - Faces Of Government-hired Thugs Who Attacked #EndSARS Protesters In Abuja, Avoided Vandalising CBN Headquarters Because It Belongs To @MBuhari WATCH FULL VIDEO: bit.ly/37MTUxn
  • Nigeria is not a lawless country. We need to know who gave the order and they need to suffer the consequences of their crimes. The blood of the innocents will haunt those responsible and their generations to come. They will not know peace. #LekkiTollGateShooting
  • Thank you @ARISEtv for showing this
  • #EndSARS protest in Helsinki, Finland.