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There is *another* $2b error in National's Alternative Budget, bringing the total errors found so far to $10b

You see, the SuperFund is the country's largest taxpayer. The less money you put into it, the less profit it makes & less tax it pays

National forgot/didn't know this..
Recently in clinic, a teenage boy came in to see me with his dad, because he had some difficulty breathing.

When calling people in from the waiting room, you can observe a lot - the way someone is sitting, how they respond to their name, how they walk etc. 1/11
Pākehā wisdom says that sticks and stones break bones but words can never hurt us.

But Māori whakataukī say, He tao rākau, e taea te karo; he tao kōrero, e kore e taea te karo.

For us, a culture steeped in oral tradition, words matter. They can and do cause harm and hurt.
Will you join our campaign to stop Labour's hate speech law?

freespeech.act.org.nz pic.twitter.com/Xxg2rAc6no
  • Will you join our campaign to stop Labour's hate speech law? freespeech.act.org.nz
  • if ur not livid ur on the wrong side
  • Innovator. Entertainer. Professor. Icon. Rest in peace, Dean Jones.
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  • Arts Foundation Laureate 2020 Interdisciplinary Award Fa’afetai lava @TheArtsNZ and congratulations to the other 6 Laureate recipients thearts.co.nz/artists/fafswag
  • I wrote a weird thing
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  • Breaking: Former Australia cricketer, coach and commentator Dean Jones has died at the age of 59.
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  • Perfection....
  • political girl: why r you leaving me on read :/ me trying to spell borgwuazie:
  • Tomorrow we're giving 50c from every hot drink sold to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. And we're got some cool resources to give away too. Our teams will be having fun getting into their purple gears! We're in this together - thanks to Colin Kaldenbach for the art.
  • one opinion on the proposal to bring foreign workers in to pick strawberries, get paid low wages and stay in bunk rooms under watch or private security guards
  • Friendly reminder, this Sunday at noon, we're testing all tsunami sirens in the Auckland region. When the sirens sound, you are not required to do anything. It's a great chance to learn & practice your tsunami hīkoi or register for the NZ ShakeOut drill bit.ly/3hKQfBE
  • Trump at the court as crowd chants “vote him out” — it’s rare for this President to see his opposition this up-close and in-person
  • Businesses must still display the official QR code in their business at all Alert Levels. Displaying the QR code helps customers to track their movements using the NZ COVID Tracer app. And that helps protect everyone – including staff. qrform.tracing.covid19.govt.nz
  • Hey! Our favorite cat, Inkky, from our favorite cat meme is in need of expensive surgery! Consider helping get Inkky back in good health! twitter.com/watery_day/sta…
  • 🌈💚Rainbow Greens Policy of the day! This one is short and very simple. Conversion therapy is torture, and a human rights violation. Party Vote Green to BAN conversion therapy in Aotearoa. (Image: A tree in the distance with a rainbow against a blue sky.)