7 day tweet volume :
What a headline pic.twitter.com/x8GGKL0VMc
No justice No peace pic.twitter.com/itCtgfuPh9
To my American friends: 3 spoons of baking soda per glass of water in a sprayer. Spray it in your face and the burning will go away. My advice based on my experience in protests in Chile 🇨🇱✊🏼
A lot of tear gas spent tonight pic.twitter.com/7ie9Aq562M
lmfao is 2020 even real?!
  • What a headline
  • No justice No peace
  • This is so sickening, dude BEEN a killer
  • Cops guarding the murderer’s home. #GeorgeFloyd (via Chloe Jo on Facebook)
  • Listen to this young man, listen. Wise beyond his years. Speaking truth, 100%. #minneapolisriots
  • over 30 yrs & the moral of this episode is still relevant
  • This happened in L.A (Boyle Heights) 3 weeks ago these two cops needs to be held accountable this Latino brotha didn’t deserve this #BrownLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #LAPD #retribution #AllLivesMatter
  • Say WITHOUT apology!! 🤜🏿🙌🏿❤❤
  • Burn this bitch down America.
  • Remember when white people destroyed and burned down an entire Black community, killing an estimated 300 and injuring 800? Oh you don't? Because it's never talked about. One Target gets looted by BLM and I can bet you anything white people never gonna stop bringing it up.
  • Manager of the Minneapolis Target getting ready to clock out for the night
  • George Stinney Jr, He was only 14 years old when he was executed in an electric chair. He was accused of killing two white girls, 11-Year-old Betty, and Mary of 7, At that time, all members of the jury were white. His innocence was finally proven by a judge in South Carolina.
  • This shit really makes my blood boil