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send nyo na baka sakaling this time magets na nila :) pic.twitter.com/VdEUqDnlsq
galit na galit sa sistema ng america pero nagbubulag-bulagan lang sa sistema ng sariling bansa. make it make sense
  • send nyo na baka sakaling this time magets na nila :)
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  • @textsthetics
  • mahalaga may naniniwala sa’yo, kahit isa lang.
  • @sadfeeltexts
  • me after a mental breakdown:
  • always remember
  • @sadfeeltexts
  • Iced coffee 😋🤎🧡
  • worst feeling
  • sana ganyan din kayo kagalit kapag kababayan na natin ang inaabuso.
  • george floyd was not resisting arrest. this video got taken down, please spread it
  • my dream room 💫
  • what's on my mind vs what i say
  • @deepsadtruth
  • The Captain has landed ahead of time. We can't blame him for being excited. Happy weekend Smartees! #SmartAKO More surprises on June 1! 😉
  • Sometimes the person you need, needs you more.
  • police brutality is real now imagine if pinasa ang Anti-Terrorism Bill, more leverage for them to detain, torture and even KILL by branding even the slightest hint of criticism as an "act of terrorism" JUNK THE ANTI-TERRORISM BILL #JunkTerrorBill 📷Kule
  • - easily my favorite one yet.
  • iced coffee 😌
  • help us spread the word. if this bill gets passed the philippine government will have the power to TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH. they can prosecute whoever they want without giving them a chance to appeal ACTIVISM IS NOT TERRORISM #JunkTerrorBill
  • marry a guy that can cook for you