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아이유 정규 5집 선공개
<Celebrity> Concept Teaser

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May this serve as a reminder to spokespersons everywhere.
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  • 아이유 정규 5집 선공개 <Celebrity> Concept Teaser #아이유 #IU #Celebrity
  • Mcdooooo 🤩
  • every asian kid has experienced at least one of these classes in middle school
  • #8yearswithSUGA #윤기가_우리의음악이된지_8년 🎉💜 #SUGA #YOONGI #윤기 #BTS @BTS_twt
  • petition for mariel padilla to re-enact this scene to mocha if her rumored pregnancy w/ robin is accurate
  • Thank you Yoongi for being SUGA Miss you! #8yearswithSUGA #윤기가_우리의음악이된지_8년 @BTS_twt
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  • I went to bed to sleep early. Me at 2 am :
  • #TREASURE THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT Japanese Version occupied all the Top 10 spots on MU-MO Shop Japan🇯🇵 Daily Rankings! 🔥🔥🔥 The power! 😲 @treasuremembers
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  • .@bts_bighit for #LVMenF21. BTS receives their invitations to watch @virgilabloh 's upcoming #LouisVuitton presentation. Watch live on Thursday, January 21st at 2:30 pm (GMT + 1) on Twitter or on.louisvuitton.com/6012HZCgG
  • Fauci moods: Biden briefings vs. Trump briefings
  • this is important
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  • A new album means new chapters ✨ the “dropped your hand while dancing” chapter is out now: taylor.lnk.to/dyhwd
  • Prepare for another social season! @Bridgerton shall be back for Season 2!
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  • pink & purple skies are so aesthetic
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  • Ang Alamat ni Zelda #Maiartstry
  • ‘Calamity'- A Comic Book Inspired By 'Nobody Is Listening' - Part I smarturl.it/ZCalamityCB
  • shet same vibes