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Proponents and supporters of the Anti-Terror Bill say "if you're not a terrorist, you have nothing to fear." A recent report on the Philippines by the UN Human Rights Office shows why this is a flimsy argument. In two words: persistent impunity. 1/6
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Duterte buckles at the massive online and offline pressure! 💪

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chaeryeong #HappyChaeryeongDay
  • As the hashtag #JUNKTERRORBILL dominates social media, we take a look at some provisions of the anti-terrorism bill that make it a hot topic bit.ly/2MnJ5Gm
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  • She deleted this tweet but THIS IS EXACTLY THE REASON WHY WE WANT TO #JUNKTERRORBILLNOW People get labelled terrorists so loosely by government propagandists and then what? They get lumped with Abu Sayyaf just for joining protests? Don’t us.
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  • Mocha Uson called the protesters “mga terorista.” This further proves that anyone can be labeled a terrorist. Literally anyone! And this also answers Sen. Sotto’s question. Yes po, senator, si Mocha Uson po ang gagong nagsabing terrorism ang activism.
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  • congress.gov.ph/legisdocs/firs… #JunkTerrorBill
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  • hi, do you guys remember baby kobe, the youngest coronavirus survivor in the philippines? he was diagnosed with covid 5 days after he was born he passed away today, and his family are looking for donations for burial expenses. contact his father, rommel, here: 0951-999-2328
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  • Junk! Junk! Terror bill! #JUNKTERRORBILLNOW
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  • JUST IN: Murder, perjury and planting of evidence cases are filed against Master Sergeant Daniel Florendo Jr and 4 police trainees for the death of Winston Ragos in a checkpoint in Quezon City last April. | via @Nikobaua
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  • I'm a proud DDS #JUNKTERRORBILLNOW #OustYouKnowWho
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