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  • #MissUniverse2018 na bukas! Good luck @catrionaelisa! Buong Pilipinas ang naka suporta sa’yo! πŸ‘‘ ✨
  • kita ko lang sa ig hehe.. πŸ˜… (c) bonggely #RoRo
  • So let's settle this for once.. Rt for night mode πŸŒ› Like for day mode 🌞
  • my growth came when I realized that I don’t have to experience life the way I have been told to. β€”unknown #ThingsToNeverForget artwork by instagram.com/normanduenas
  • Waste It On Me Crew! Good seeing my bros in Seoul πŸ‡°πŸ‡· @BTS_twt
  • Waste it on us @steveaoki
  • Happy lang πŸŽ„β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
  • BAGONG VLOG PO! RT "HULAAN ANG REGALO" uploaded na po sa channel #RogerRaker #VlogMeyts
  • So proud of you @KissesDelavin__! You were so radiant in that stage! And most of all you looked like you’re just enjoying yourself with that big smile of yours! Awwww uwu #DONKISSFantasticLoveOnGGV
  • .@donnypangilinan and @KissesDelavin__ #FamilyIsLoveChristmasConcert
  • Nothing feels better than this 😍 #DONKISSFantasticLoveOnGGV #GGVFantasticLove @donnypangilinan @KissesDelavin__
  • Moonlight πŸŒ•
  • MISSY, ikaw ang huling Star Dreamer na magiging official teen housemate ni Kuya! πŸ™ŒπŸ» #PBB5thBig8tingLinggo
  • Daghang salamat, DavaoeΓ±os! Sana nag enjoy kayo sa concert namin ni Bossing! (charot!) Haha ingat kayong lahat pauwi! 😁 #JackEmPopoyFeverSaDavao
  • Ey if you're at Maginhawa and queueing in the long lines for Samgyupsalamat/Romantic Baboy, why not take a detour to Mokja (near Baliwag)? It's an unli-Korean-BBQ w/ a smorgasbord of side dishes but all for cheaper! Also, UP Lingg profs operate the store! Support our faculty πŸ’›
  • Nasupalpal ang manang nyo. Natameme. Nautal. Nganga. Ganyan pag sinungaling. Ano iboboto nyo pa?!?
  • Pinana na nga po. #DONKISSFantasticLoveOnGGV #GGVFantasticLove @donnypangilinan @KissesDelavin__
  • Abangan ang DonKiss at iba pang cast ng Fantastica sa Gandang Gabi Vice! Official tag for today! #DONKISSFantasticLoveOnGGV @donnypangilinan @KissesDelavin__
  • GGV NA!!!!!! Who’s watching? RT! Sigurado akong mag eenjoy kayo! #GGVFantasticLove
  • Samahan ang #DonKiss, Kisses Delavin and Donny Pangilinan kasama ang #Fantastica cast sa kulitan at masayang kwentuhan sa Gandang Gabi, Vice @ABSCBNGGV at 10:30PM! Our Official Hashtag: #DONKISSFantasticLoveOnGGV #GGVFantasticLove @KissesDelavin__
  • β€’ Pag lumingon ka Ubos yang nasa wallet mo!
  • Sa sobrang ganda hindi siya nakuryente 🀣 @KissesDelavin__ #GGVFantasticLove
  • Nag enjoy ba kayo?? Maraming salamat! HAHAHAHAHAHA mahal ko kayo! Buhay na buhay ang diwa ko sa episode na to.. #GGVFantasticLove
  • Dyosa naman nito ni Kisses!! ❀ (c) IG ni Mommy Carrie #DONKISSFantasticLoveOnGGV @KissesDelavin__
  • Guys itodo na natin to. Power tweeting starts now. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Tweet #MissUniverse #Philippines #CatrionaGray for 1 VOTE! RT this as many as possible. Need all your RTs and prayers. Go!!!
  • My day wouldn’t be complete without you. πŸ’™