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send nyo na baka sakaling this time magets na nila :) pic.twitter.com/VdEUqDnlsq
#JunkTerrorBill This provides a 60 to 90 day-wire tapping period, and warrantless arrest, detention up to 30 days of suspected terrorists. It has no safeguards for the protection of human rights, redress of grievances. This can be weaponized to silence critics, suppress dissent.
Pinoys complaining about racism. How about tagalogs belittling bisaya? 🤷
  • send nyo na baka sakaling this time magets na nila :)
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  • mahalaga may naniniwala sa’yo, kahit isa lang.
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  • sana ganyan din kayo kagalit kapag kababayan na natin ang inaabuso.
  • me after a mental breakdown:
  • worst feeling
  • always remember
  • The Captain has landed ahead of time. We can't blame him for being excited. Happy weekend Smartees! #SmartAKO More surprises on June 1! 😉
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  • my dream room 💫
  • if you're not a filipino and would want to know more about the Anti Terror Bill, here's the gist. help us spread the word. if this bill gets passed the philippine government can TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH. + #JunkTerrorBill
  • george floyd was not resisting arrest. this video got taken down, please spread it
  • Taho lover ka din ba?
  • plain shirt is still the best.
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  • Look at her!!!
  • lucky u if you have this kind of person
  • i don't know who need to see this but here's a little reminder
  • - easily my favorite one yet.
  • chocolate dream cake
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  • marry a guy that can cook for you
  • probably the most dramatic cover I’ve ever made but oh well 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️