7 day tweet volume :
LOOOL imagine ur kid thinking they're playing but they're actually doing free labour that's mad I'll take 2
Dyson makes kid-size toy vacuum that actually cleans bit.ly/2BEpWeQ #10TV pic.twitter.com/f5Zu6YNu6q
The haze crisis summed up through The Office pic.twitter.com/GkYqw7fYNg
okay guys i think i figured it out... check out my layout
all i want in life is to fit peter and tony into my twitter header :// pic.twitter.com/Wna8PFRgF2
who is this woman we have to stan. pic.twitter.com/Wh5pTpCdHL
  • The haze crisis summed up through The Office
  • who is this woman we have to stan.
  • 440 pairs of women's shoes were hung on one of the city walls in Istanbul this week to draw attention to male domestic violence in the country. This is the number of women murdered by their husbands in Turkey in 2019.
  • What if we use 100% of our brain?
  • Instead of useless trends going viral this is the type of thing that needs to go viral, a holocaust-like event is taking place in China against Uyghur Muslims before our eyes, yet still the world remains silent! This leaked footage says it all.
  • Ketika bertemu pocong : Dibacain ayat kursi ❌ Langsung kabur ❌ Serang pake kembang api ✅✅✅
  • The countdown is on. Reply with your favorite @JYPETWICE song. apple.co/30CQVRc
  • Man goes biking, flips his bike, hits his head, gets knocked out and doesn't regain consciousness until sometime during the ambulance ride. Apple Watch detects the fall, autodials 911 with his location and EMS has him picked up and in the hospital in <30 minutes. Incredible.
  • " i laught at you" HAHAHAH Then who gonna laugh at me back seyh?😕😕
  • Damn eating toast wrongly whole life
  • cleaned ✌️ colour theme inspired by haze season
  • hi i made this Nword presentation for school (my lect said the nword on the first day of school) so i picked this topic for her module <3
  • What would we do without dogs 🤣
  • 😂
  • Ini sore bukan malam. Ini bumi bukan planet mars. Ini jambi bukan di luar angkasa. Ini kami yang bernafas dengan paru-paru, bukannya dengan insang. Kami ini manusia butuh udara yang bersih, bukan penuh asap. Lokasi : Kumpeh, Muaro Jambi #KabutAsap #KebakaranHutanMakinMenggila
  • 🐉Baby Dragon🐉 covers Senorita. She also want to be a rapper. Ugh clout-chaser or what this one🙄 (Just kidding Baby. There is no gatekeeping in music. You do you!)
  • get you a friend that will dress up together
  • *toddler gives me food from their fake kitchen* Me:
  • Nobody : Cat owner :
  • ladies please just hear me out
  • Pelajar Sekolah Meninggal ketika sedang bermain Game Online. Mangsa ketika itu tiba2 mengalami Kejang2 sebelum meninggal dunia. Mangsa meninggal kerana putus saraf otak/kepala akibat terlalu sering bermain bermain game Online.
  • Shocking leaked footage has emerged from inside Xinjiang province China where upto 600 people (most likely Uyghur Muslims) are blindfolded, shackled, and heads shaved, being led to concentration camps. History is repeating itself and the world is silent. RT and raise awareness!
  • I miss your smile, your figure, your laugh, your scent, your corny jokes, your face, your presence. I miss everything about you. I miss you
  • #지민 #바이남준
  • Nak bawak air mineral naik penerbangan murahan Air Asia? buat macam ni masa lalu airport security. Langsung mudah lepas. Security nak check pun segan. 😂
  • baby miso didn’t like kisses