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She was supposed to get married next month????

She was on the way back from collecting her passport for her honeymoon trip to Italy with her future husband????

DOK SEDIH GILA 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Woman’s death along Yishun Ave 8 after motorcycle crash leaves family heartbroken & puzzled bit.ly/35XK9Ip pic.twitter.com/qNRDg9rTMX
the face / THE BODYYyyYYYyYyy pic.twitter.com/hf7Gu3u6nl
#BTS #방탄소년단 #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7 <Black Swan> Art Film performed by MN Dance Company

  • #BlackSwan
  • the face / THE BODYYyyYYYyYyy twitter.com/mirellymoura14…
  • Tikus ada satu je tapi yang kecoh 10 orang, nasib baik ada Tom 😂
  • which mf.......... 😐
  • That cat said this is not a mf drill 😩😂
  • In every scene, you are my star, @MichelleObama! Happy birthday, baby!
  • Adik gusion
  • Thrilled to announce @BTS_twt returns to the #LateLateShow on January 28 to perform "Black Swan"!
  • Which Avenger am I? You won’t believe the SHOCKING result 🤣
  • Woman’s death along Yishun Ave 8 after motorcycle crash leaves family heartbroken & puzzled bit.ly/35XK9Ip
  • If sloths were fast they’d be absolutely terrifying . Imagine this coming at you 20 mph lmaoooo
  • Meanwhile in Turkey hahahahahahaha 👍🤣
  • Bayangkan anak perempuan korang kena rogol dengan kejam? Itulah yang Nabila Huda rasa dalam filem ni. Anak dia kene rogol pada hari lahir dia sendiri. Sedang dia menunggu kepulangan anak dia balik sekolah dgn sebuah kek, anak dia tiba dalam keadaan yang sangat mengerikan.
  • Appeal eyewitness a fatal accident happened 14/01/2020 at Yishun Ave 8 towards Sembawang near lamp post 44. My cousin-sister met fatal accident over there around 6pm. It’s believed HIT & RUN case. She was riding Honda CB150R army green Color. Kindly WhatsApp @ 81697657 ASAP
  • honey barbecue wings 😤🔥🍗🍯
  • Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa this has me on the floor 😭😭😭😭
  • Ignoring level : Insane
  • @Jon_Favreau
  • Story time : okay so today i encounter the worst shit that can happen when im busy doing my own shits under the block opposite my block. This man right here has molested me and harassed me when i was minding my own business.
  • Forcing our cat to be Muslim after he stepped on the Quran n made direct eye contact while doing it.
  • 잠시 후! 오늘 오후 8시에 찬열의 후야TV <SM 슈퍼 아이돌 리그>가 첫 방송됩니다😎 👉🏻huya.com/660275 #찬열 #CHANYEOL ⁠#EXO⁠ #weareoneEXO ⁠#SM슈퍼아이돌리그
  • Hehehe
  • 3 days ago, a bully stabbed my little cousin in the eye at their school with a green coloured pencil. The bully has been bullying my cousin since they were in the kindergarten. I don't think there's no reason for my aunt to not to sue the bully's family.
  • I love these things!
  • Surpassing "Gangnam Style" (86) by PSY, "#BlackSwan" (88) by @BTS_twt is now the song with most #1s on iTunes Worldwide by a Korean Artist. #BlackSwanOutNow #7isComing