7 day tweet volume :
Niggas walking back to their private jets like it's Uber. I'm sick.
Sunday Service. @KanyeWest just blessed @DJKhaled with unreleased Yeezys right off his feet 馃憖 pic.twitter.com/CVHlBC69ro
i wanted a high five from my nephew but instead ... HAHAH wait till the end pic.twitter.com/PpyiSv9aWx
pergi sungai nk makan ayam, ayam berenang HAHAHAHA pic.twitter.com/u0DKTZgWqg
  • i wanted a high five from my nephew but instead ... HAHAH wait till the end
  • indonesia's flying fox @OnlyInINDONESIA
  • pergi sungai nk makan ayam, ayam berenang HAHAHAHA
  • Thank you EXO-L for attending #EXplOrationINSG! We hope you have a fun and enjoyable moment with EXO!! Check out more photos here馃憠bit.ly/EXO_PostConcert
  • I鈥檓 sorry but I have to post this HAHAHAHAHAHA
  • 7 billion humans exist but I got this one
  • 鈥橁车鞐 雭濏寪鞕曗 #鞐戩唽 臧 歆雮 15鞚 齑 23瓿§潣 頀嶌劚頃 鞚岇晠瓿 氩勲澕鞚挫柎韹绊暅 韻柬彫毹检姢搿 甏臧濍摛鞚 鞐搓磻鞁滍偆氅 鞁标皜韽ゴ 雼弲 旖橃劀韸鸽ゼ 靹表櫓毽棎 毵堨长鞀惦媹雼! 9鞗 20~22鞚 韮滉淡 氚╈綍 鞛勴尒韸 鞎勲爤雮橃棎靹 鞐措Μ電 鈥楨XO PLANET #5 - EXplOration - in BANGKOK鈥欕弰 毵庫潃 靹膘洂 攵韮 霌滊雼堧嫟! #EXO #weareoneEXO
  • #鞐戩唽 #EXO #weareoneEXO #EXplOration #EXplOrationInSingapore
  • this is the life for me
  • RT if your house still has these glasses 馃槒
  • Not today Smokey, not today
  • Here is a montage of me making strangers day by giving them fist bumps while on my motorcycle. 馃弽锔忦煒
  • Do you remember when Kim Kardashian sent Katy Perry her brand new sunglasses and Katy got scared? 馃槀馃槀
  • types of sg girls in 71s ~
  • 馃槀
  • i put falsies on my belly and then laughed about it for 3 minutes straight my tummy said UwU lmfao
  • #BTS Announces Official End To Period Of Rest soompi.com/article/135267鈥
  • I will never not share this
  • I鈥檓 trynna go to a fright fest like this馃槶馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槀
  • how is the name Jean pronounced again
  • Polite Japanese playing bumper car
  • 馃憖 Hi @BTS_twt, long time no see! Safe travels!
  • Ash Ketchum has been a part of millions of lives & while many stop watching the Pok茅mon anime Ash continued to be a role model trainer for new generations. He's lost every Pok茅mon League to teach children it's ok to lose & today he finally won. What a day to be a Pok茅mon fan :)
  • *鉁岋笍鉁岋笍
  • i think people who lead others on and disappear!..deserve to be in hell鈽猴笍
  • No shit Sherlock
  • customer: 鈥渃an you check if there鈥檚 any in the back?鈥 me:
  • i woke up early this morning and couldnt go back to sleep so i just..
  • I am this clingy