7 day tweet volume :
  • Wait babe. You look single babe.
  • 2017 and 2018.
  • Tahan abah dari pergi kerja 🤭💕
  • This how we all gonna die
  • I know we can all agree that this is taeyang’s best song.. even if you don’t like kpop you can’t and won’t hate this legendary song 😭
  • Thank you please stay 💗
  • This picture hurts my brain.
  • The thing that is annoying me the most right now is why are people so focused on @paulpogba and Jose Mourinho. Let's focus on rebuilding something solid instead of being in a playground. Doing this is only disrespecting the badge, from now we only need positivity. #ManUtd #MUFC
  • bila tengok video jiwang wechat
  • White people have no culture? Explain this then
  • Who's cuter? RT for Kante 🔁 Like for Ariana ❤
  • I was one of his biggest advocates 2 & half years ago when he joined @ManUtd & felt he stabilised our club when we needed it... You can’t ignore what Jose has achieved as a manager previously but I feel the time has come for fresh ideas at #MUFC instagram.com/p/Brh5wHGBy0f/…
  • *dog barks at me* me: *barks back* dog:
  • i just accidentally opened my front facing camera and do i really look like this to y’all? i’m so sorry
  • That one fella in every group assignment.
  • "Bye guys.” 👋 Jose Mourinho departs The Lowry Hotel this afternoon, after being sacked by @ManUtd today. 🏨 Follow updates and reaction after Jose Mourinho is sacked as @ManUtd manager here: skysports.tv/g4pxOH
  • Stop those makcik bawangs 🧕🏼 Make your wedding gifts a secret between your and your partner.❤️
  • me: mom can i go out with friends tonight? my mom after watching 1 kidnapping on TV:
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  • Perfect married couple 😢♥️
  • Jeongyeon talking about how TWICE are having a hard time because of all the work they had... 😭😭... “I want to give strength for them but I can’t so I’m sorry. We have to always show a smiling image of us to fans but we can’t hide when we’re having a hard time so I feel sorry.”
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  • Jeongyeon was talking about the time when they were preparing for arena tour and korean comeback and how she felt sorry for the members because it was tough for them to handle all of this , so she bought them matching necklaces for the girls to give them strength :( .
  • [LYRIC ASMR] GOT7 "Miracle" (BamBam Ver.) youtu.be/SEiFja4ZHFw #GOT7 #갓세븐 #GOT7_PresentYOUandME #GOT7_Miracle
  • 🚨 IT'S HERE AT LAST 🚨 🎙 @Aubameyang7 🎙 @LacazetteAlex 🔴 Arsenal 4-2 Tottenham 🔵 📺 Auba and Laca do UnClassic Commentary 👉 youtu.be/xrzqJaA_Eko
  • my wallet ain’t ready
  • someone said oli sykes scream sounds like spongebob and im dying
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Young K #HappyYoungKDay
  • is it too much to ask?
  • Already looks happier and healthier. Thank you, Jose. Good luck. #mufc [MEN]
  • Me clocking out of work
  • "Bye guys." 👋 This was the moment Jose Mourinho departed from the Lowry Hotel after being sacked as Manchester United manager.
  • Dari sekadar pemandu pelancong, sekarang dah SAH suami isteri. Bila tengok ni. Tak semua perempuan memilih paras rupa. Yang lelaki boleh ingat ni dan jangan memilih sangat. ✌🏼😊
  • Cardi B performing for Senior Citizens and she got herself a man at the end. Offset gonna be pisssedddd