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*pregnant wife advised not to fly across the Atlantic in a pandemic
Prince Harry to attend Prince Phillip's funeral, but Meghan will not: trib.al/xarvmWc pic.twitter.com/sSSr3E9MD9
DMX body leaving White Plains Hospital. 🙌🏾🙌🏾 King 👑 🙏🏽 #RIPDMX pic.twitter.com/h7fXNI35qD
Stunning summary of the last year of living with covid. pic.twitter.com/KZ5kaNX9Ks
people dying from EDs should be a wake up call to stop commenting on peoples bodies and eating habits.
  • DMX body leaving White Plains Hospital. 🙌🏾🙌🏾 King 👑 🙏🏽 #RIPDMX
  • Stunning summary of the last year of living with covid.
  • Thank you for your comment Patrick 🤝 twitter.com/pwefc1/status/…
  • A DMX tribute on MOTD. Protect Ian Wright at all costs.
  • No ‘Sophy Ridge on Sunday’ tomorrow as part of UK media’s news blackout. So let’s get this compilation of Boris Johnson lies (now on 8.9 million views) to 10 million instead. Someone still needs to hold this truth twisting law breaking Gov’t to account
  • 아미 보고 싶다 ㅜ
  • 💰💸 Five Years ago, Dennis Skinner was thrown out of the Commons for referring to David Cameron as 'Dodgy Dave' 📱😖 This year, we learn that Dodgy Dave has been sliding into Rishi Sunak's DMs to beg for government-backed loans.
  • How it started how it's going
  • Wow! Now on 9 million views!! That’s just incredible! Thank you so much everyone for helping me hold this truth twisting Government to account. Now let’s drive it to 10 million! Where are you @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @SkyNews?
  • No man is an island. Although this guy comes close.
  • i’m in too deep
  • i miss you
  • Leave it, Jez. They’re not worth it twitter.com/jeremycorbyn/s…
  • Never forget. This man asked people to vote on #Brexit. Without defining what Brexit meant. Without carrying out any projections of consequences. All in an (unsuccessful) attempt to settle an internal Tory party feud. He then knighted all his mates and f***ed off into the sunset.
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  • In Apr 1967 Scottish virologist June Almeida published her discovery of a new virus type: coronaviruses. Almeida, who left school at 16, developed a novel diagnostic method using electron microscopy & was the first to see the measles-causing rubella virus. nationalgeographic.com/history/2020/0…
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