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Word of the day is ‘bloviator’ (19th century): one who loves the sound of their own voice, who talks at length but ultimately says very little.
When I started presenting phone-in shows, black children were often reported to be doing worst in school. Every single white right-wing commentator was adamant that parents were entirely to blame. Funny that.
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  • Dido on losing things.
  • Tonight the Conservatives refused to stand up to super-rich property developers. Why? Let's look at who funds them:
  • Yep its most definitely speaking about white privilege that causes this. Glad thats sorted 👍🏾 twitter.com/LBC/status/140…
  • If Harry Kane scores ANYTIME against Czech Republic tonight, we’ll giveaway a PlayStation 5 console to one lucky follower.😍 Simply RT and follow us to enter 👈 Good luck!
  • I built a parklet in a car parking space but it was removed by the council because it wasn’t a motor vehicle. I’ve now built a parklet which is a motor vehicle and so the space for the community is back. Enjoy!
  • can't wait for school plays again so we can get more moments like when my friend played Peter Pan
  • NEW: Tomorrow 6 cross-party MPs & members of House of Lords & @allthecitizens will be at the High Court. It's an unprecedented case: the first time MPs have ever sought to legally challenge a PM on grounds of national security. Please watch. Please follow. Please support.
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  • Exclusive: Amazon is destroying millions of items of unsold stock in one of its UK warehouses every year, an ITV News investigation has uncovered. Many of the products - including smart TVs and laptops - are often new and unused. itv.com/news/2021-06-2… #AmazonWaste
  • Good to hear Downing Street saying they're "finalising" a plan for fixing social care. In unrelated news, here's Boris Johnson 698 days ago saying they had already prepared a clear plan for fixing social care.
  • My therapist: it was almost 20 years ago, you need to let it go Me: but they swapped the mum and thought we wouldn’t care
  • Is Clarke isolating by any chance? Or just making it up as they go? #EURO2020
  • If Kane scores anytime against Czech Republic tonight we'll giveaway another undercoverkits.co.uk🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇨🇿 To enter simply👇🏽 🔃 RT & follow us
  • I’m sorry what? LOL 😂
  • I hate how the world did T-Pain.
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