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It's not Andy Burnham they've humiliated, it's themselves. It's not Andy Burnham they've insulted, it's the people of Greater Manchester.
BREAKING: Government insists Manchester’s £22 million support package is actually very generous, as that sort of money could run a failed test and trace system for over 14 minutes.
#EndSARS We need everyone's voice to amplify what is going on as we speak!! The world is watching
#Nigeria: scenes from Lekki Toll gate as #EndSARS protestors are trapped and surrounded by fires and heavily armed security forces who are shooting unarmed people. (📹@BusTrendz) pic.twitter.com/wNJNENustI
FUN FACT. The Manchester deal failed because the government wasn't prepared to pay another £5m to help people survive, or 0.042% of the £12bn they/ve spent on the failed Test and Trace.
  • Quite a moment as Andy Burnham is shown the government’s £22 million offer on live TV.
  • Pray for NIGERIA🇳🇬✊🏿
  • Andy Burnham absolutely letting rip at the government for withholding the support Manchester needs... looking like the Clark Kent of Stockport. 😍 #ManchesterLockdown @AndyBurnhamGM
  • I get the feeling that this moment will be replayed again and again and again. Politically, absolutely toxic.
  • Great answer. The question - I think from Nick Robinson - suggested haggling over £5m was ‘showboating’ over a ‘relatively small amount of money’. This is what Burnham said:
  • ‘Young people have never had it easier’
  • Nights in Paris ♥️