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Blimey. Story dropped an hour ago & he's already suspended. And rightly so. Boris Johnson, of course, would have made him Deputy Chief Whip & then lied about it.

Labour MP Geraint Davies has been accused of subjecting younger female colleagues to unwanted sexual attention, both verbal and physical, over the past five years.

Investigation with @AgnesChambre politico.eu/article/labour…
I want to express my thanks for the incredible love and support over the last week. I’ve known how special the United fans are, but this week has shown just how special. I hope you enjoy the FA Cup Final, I’ll be supporting the lads in the stands, backing them just as much as you
This is probably the angriest film I’ve ever made & I make no excuses for my rage - this is a make-or-break moment for parliamentary democracy - where is UK media? I won’t just stand by whilst this Government strips us of our liberties - if you’re with me please RT this widely pic.twitter.com/ksgFAaPJ1j
Finland have dropped their price of electricity to 0 .. Because they are generating too much and need to offload it.
They were reliant on Russian oil Just 13 Months ago but ramped up renewables.

Don't tell carbon investing Tories with their hands in Shell / BP pockets.
  • This is probably the angriest film I’ve ever made & I make no excuses for my rage - this is a make-or-break moment for parliamentary democracy - where is UK media? I won’t just stand by whilst this Government strips us of our liberties - if you’re with me please RT this widely
  • More on Mateo Kovacic and Manchester City news revealed yesterday. Been told the agreement on the personal terms between Kovacic and City is really close, almost completed. 🚨🔵🇭🇷 #MCFC Man City and Chelsea will be in direct contact to discuss the fee. Kovacic will leave.
  • Lies and reality on #NHS at 75 Well done @The_TUC in launching this video
  • This is said constantly of women who’ve paid a heavy price for speaking out. ‘She can’t have suffered, she’s still speaking.’ What they mean, of course, is ‘suffered enough.’
  • 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
  • آج میری ماں اٹھائی ہے، کل تمہاری بھی اٹھا سکتے ہیں۔ Today, they abducted my mother. Tomorrow it could be yours. #FreeTheMotherOfAdilRaja #PakistanUnderSeige
  • Pride Month begins today. We celebrate the progress made in LGBT+ equality and the achievements of LGBT+ people in our society. Liberal Democrats will keep fighting for the rights of the entire LGBT+ community in the UK and beyond, until true equality is achieved. Happy Pride!
  • Liverpool are informed of price tag for Manu Koné as talks took place this week. French midfielder could be available for €35/40m, 'Gladbach are prepared to let him leave for that fee. 🚨🔴🇫🇷 #LFC Reds working to complete Mac Allister deal, then Koné's also in the list.
  • @PicturesFoIder
  • There’s theft - and then there’s theft: The Truss/Kwarteng budget gifted billions to international currency speculators (including Kwarteng’s ex-boss). It loaded, on average, an extra £9K on a homebuyer’s deposit (roughly Sunak’s annual pool heating cost) twitter.com/Jacob_Rees_Mog…
  • 🚨🚨| Jose Mourinho was waiting in the car park for referee Anthony Taylor after the game. Mourinho says to Taylor " your a f***ing disgrace man"
  • As the PDM regime has ordered a complete media ban on Imran Khan, follow our YouTube channels to ensure you stay updated with all our speeches! Follow at: youtube.com/@PTIOfficialPK youtube.com/@ImranKhanOffi… youtube.com/@PTIOfficialEn… youtube.com/@ptiofficialsh…
  • حقیقت یہی ہے تنگ گلی میں اس وقت پی ڈی ایم ہے جس کا ووٹ بینک گرتا ہی جارہا ، ہر ظلم ہر فسطائیت اس کو عوام کی نظروں میں غیر مقبول کررہی۔ #عمران_ہی_ہوگا
  • Rangers are advancing in negotiations to sign Jack Butland as new goalkeeper on free transfer from Manchester United, deal getting closer. 🚨🔵 #RangersFC Man United will sign a new back-up goalkeeper as part of summer plans.
  • #Pakistan🇵🇰: IHRF is appalled at the abduction of its representative for Pakistan @soldierspeaks' mother, uncle & cousin in the typical fashion using unmarked vehicles from the garrison city of Rawalpindi today. Earlier in the same city, Adil Raja's mother & sister were tortured… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
  • PTI Regional President (South KP) & Former MNA @ShahidkhattakSk has been arrested in the night by this fascist Govt. We demand Immediately #ReleaseShahidKhattak! twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
  • "اب سے کچھ دیر پہلے میری والدہ کو راولپنڈی سے نامعلوم افراد نے دوران سفر، میرے چچا کرنل(ر) افتخار اعظم اور انکے بیٹے کے ساتھ اغواء کرلیا ہے۔" عادل راجہ @soldierspeaks #AdilRaja Link : t.ly/vJGv
  • Happy “Pride” Month🌈 -Mutilating kids. -Castrating kids. -Sterilizing kids. -Brainwashing kids. -Grooming kids. -Radicalizing kids. Nothing to be proud of! BOYCOTT “Pride” Month and any company supporting these crimes.
  • Dear @fawadchaudhry , I hope you know that you have hurt the sentiments of lots of Pakistanis yesterday, especially the insafians who have been giving you lots of love over the last few years. You are smart & you understand the public pulse, minus IK can’t work! #عمران_ہی_ہوگا
  • 🚨 The Government are attempting unprecedented action to force through an amendment to the Public Order Act that has already been rejected by Parliament. 🗣️ Lobby your MP now to vote against this attack on democracy and call on peers to support @GreenJennyJones' fatal motion.
  • 👀 this shirt is old… @SavageXFenty
  • تم کو کیا لگتا ہے جو بزرگوں سے لے کر اس ملک کے مستقبل کے معماروں تک کے دلوں میں گھر کر کا ہو اس کو مائنس کرنے کا سوچو گے اور یہ آرام سے مان جائیں گے ایسا سوچنا بھی مت #عمران_ہی_ہوگا #BehindYouSkipper
  • #HELPUSFIND | Seren Hasan-Lowe, aged 18 from #Barry She was reported missing in #Fairwater on Monday 22 May. Contact us quoting ref: 2300167341 🗪 Live Chat south-wales.police.uk 💻 Contact us via bit.ly/SWPProvideInfo 📧 Email swp101@south-wales.police.uk 📞 101
  • Jürgen at the full-time whistle in Madrid 🥹
  • NET ZERO - Here’s Stanley Johnson (Boris’ father) Explaining that the government’s plan is to ‘divvy out’ carbon targets. So only some of you will be able to fly. The poor will trade their personal carbon credit allowance, like a currency and sell to the rich!
  • It’s June which is pride month. This year we need your help. Write to your MP tell them to quit the culture war nonsense and focus on the real issues of the day. Climate change, cost of living, reinvesting in our services. Making our lives better and banning conversion therapy