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There it is: a gallon of gas costs more than the federal minimum wage
first of all… absolutely not pic.twitter.com/RVzC7PTvx4
Put them vapes DOWN, like fr😵‍💫
NEW: A pastor in Tennessee just said his church is no longer tax-exempt after TikTok users submitted complaints to the IRS because he went on a rabid rant at his church saying Democrats can’t be Christian and yelled “you ain’t seen an insurrection yet!”

bear spray
work like bug spray.

We would like to not have to say that again.
  • this paragraph is brutal. we truly are in an “emperor has no clothes” point in history
  • Academia summed up in one photo:
  • this is amazing 😭
  • He finally got out.
  • Honored to be on the cover of @RollingStone! #BLACKPINKxRollingStone Read our story ⬇️ rollingstone.com/music/music-fe…
  • This is gold. It would be a shame if it got around.
  • BRUH 💀
  • BREAKING: Detained at Davos
  • Stephen King on Banning Books
  • @55LifeStyIe
  • .@BLACKPINK is Rolling Stone's June cover star. #BLACKPINKxRollingStone The world's biggest girl group give their most revealing interview yet about how they make music, deal with the demands of stardom, became family, and more. Story/Photos: rol.st/3lx2mXl