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And they assassinated him.
Martin Luther King changed the world without looting anything, burning a building or attacking anyone. Blessed are the peacemakers. pic.twitter.com/0aocv8qdpw
the reason u don’t see cops shutting down kkk rallies is the same reason u don’t see hannah montana and miley cyrus sitting in the same room
  • This a hard ass pic
  • You know how awesome it is to really fw a celebrity and then find out they’re on that real shit too?
  • I AM WEAK 😭😭 atlanta don’t take nun serious 😂😂😂😂😂
  • incredible
  • The chief of police in Atl is talking to everyone in the crowd at the protest She says she wants to see a change too and is disgusted by everything that happened. She sent away a white officer we told her was being an asshole. She’s listening to every person that wants to talk
  • “you weird” LMFAOOOOOOOOO
  • dawg even the crackheads with the shits
  • I was so so moved by this, so I’m sharing it
  • please share this it’s so important
  • The fact that this is actual footage of J.Cole's house and thank god he was not home when this happened because god knows what smh... Shit is scary because this happened an hour away from where i live.
  • keep ya eyes open..
  • “They” staged a pallet of bricks in Dallas
  • The whole country needs to stop right now and listen to Killer Mike. He’s verbalizing what a lot of us don’t know how to express
  • LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO they throwing fireworks at 12 I’m crying
  • Me scrolling past all these videos on my timeline
  • Get This Nigga Outta Here
  • Watts 1992 - Atlanta 2020
  • Dallas right now at 1am
  • they’re fighting the police for the barricade at the White House
  • this is making me tear up. these protests were never riots until the police showed up.
  • Mfs in Atlanta after looting Icebox