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At this point, the bigger national scandal isn’t the president’s lawbreaking behavior - it is the Democratic Party’s refusal to impeach him for it.
Bevo's manure bucket has an A&M logo and says "13th Man" 🐂💩😂 pic.twitter.com/tTEGQQHxiT
What would we do without dogs 🤣 pic.twitter.com/sLCnKTXMxA
  • Bevo's manure bucket has an A&M logo and says "13th Man" 🐂💩😂
  • TEXAS WINS! #ThisIsTexas #HookEm
  • What would we do without dogs 🤣
  • A Tradition like no other. 🤘 #HookEm | #CelebrateTexas
  • who is this woman we have to stan.
  • Your final score from DKR! #ThisIsTexas #HookEm
  • A message to the fans! #ThisIsTexas #HookEm
  • 440 pairs of women's shoes were hung on one of the city walls in Istanbul this week to draw attention to male domestic violence in the country. This is the number of women murdered by their husbands in Turkey in 2019.
  • Sam Ehlinger was a force of nature against Oklahoma State 🔥 ➖ 351 total yards ➖ 4 TDS ➖ 36-30 Texas win
  • Man when I say VA drivers are the worst! She really wasn’t trying to let me in THAT bad!! 😂😂😂
  • *toddler gives me food from their fake kitchen* Me:
  • And with that, Texas gets its first home win over Oklahoma State since 2008. Texas GameDay Final is on LHN now.
  • My daughter in the house disrespecting me then going to throw the X up in my face.. no mam
  • Goes without saying... #HookEm🤘
  • .@RoschonJ pounds it in for 6! #ThisIsTexas #HookEm
  • *its the 21st of September* no one: me all day:
  • My buddy's dog just sup'd me.
  • House: Defended. 🤘 #HookEm
  • DKR. Under the lights. #HookEm | #CelebrateTexas
  • Today is September 21st. Y’ALL KNOW WHAT’S GOIN ON.
  • When you're arguing with your friend and they say something kinda true
  • We win. We dance. SILENT DISCO, y'all. #CelebrateTexas
  • See you next week, Lincoln! 🌽 @OhioStateFB 🆚 @HuskerFBNation (📍 @HomeDepot)
  • spooky season is on its way
  • When you first meet vs when you’ve been together for awhile LMFAOOO
  • cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ The Bike anything Slide From Akira Else
  • Texas Fight! #ThisIsTexas #HookEm
  • Honk recognise honk #UntitledGooseGame @house_house_
  • @7im
  • 🤘 @TexasFootball was too much for the Cowboys to handle 😂
  • Sam Ehlinger to Brennan Eagles for the 73-yard TD — the longest TD pass of Ehlinger's career! 🔥 (📍 @WellsFargo)