7 day tweet volume :
  • These are HS students singing from hotel balconies; I’d have been in my hotel room in cardiac arrest thinking I died and went to heaven .
  • @EllenBarkin @heyjude1141 @MsVivicaFox @billnoesges @tntdrama @HBO @PreacherAMC @HabitatCoffeeLA @MrREBELRODOMEZ @thejennlyon @imheathergraham @ColinJost @MaramaCorlett @CHEF_JD81 @CraigJo80374965 @RoArquette @nbcsnl @BjornAJespersen @Lolz1975Tilly @LievSchreiber @Sethrogen @DrPhil @bjaycee @Simone_RC67 @VMinuz @VivMilano @2004Williespade @jmtdesignstudio @rosannafreedom1 @SamuelLJackson @people @NBCUniversal @Kimberl46149999 @futuremanonhulu @SYFY @McDonalds @alanalda @IAmSteveHarvey @SusanSarandon @AnimalKingdom @EbonySi22806125 @Twitter @CharlizeAfrica @jennyphoenix @LongShotMovie @jadapsmith Ellen Hi 🤗 Welcome back to the main feed 🎛👏🙏🎉 Now that @EllenBarkin is back on the Main feed, Do you think the tweets will change 🤔 I should certainly hope Not..😢 Oh Boy I came back to this..🎥🎬 @SpeakerPelosi @CraigJo80374965 @RoArquette
  • city boyz out that 225 ☠️😂😂😂
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • @EllenBarkin @heyjude1141 @MsVivicaFox @billnoesges @tntdrama @HBO @PreacherAMC @HabitatCoffeeLA @MrREBELRODOMEZ @thejennlyon @imheathergraham @ColinJost @MaramaCorlett @CHEF_JD81 @CraigJo80374965 @RoArquette @nbcsnl @BjornAJespersen @Lolz1975Tilly @LievSchreiber @Sethrogen @DrPhil @bjaycee @Simone_RC67 @VMinuz @VivMilano @2004Williespade @jmtdesignstudio @rosannafreedom1 @SamuelLJackson @people @NBCUniversal @Kimberl46149999 @futuremanonhulu @SYFY @McDonalds @alanalda @IAmSteveHarvey @SusanSarandon @AnimalKingdom @EbonySi22806125 @Twitter @CharlizeAfrica @jennyphoenix Now See This is The Cutting Edge stuff I'm talking about, Melvin will tweet about anyting from🤔 to women shoes👠Hey Melvin check out my Twitter feed, I can do funny tweets📲🤔😢 @KevinHart4real 🎛 @Simone_RC67 @CraigJo80374965 @VMinuz @VivMilano @CHEF_JD81
  • @EllenBarkin @heyjude1141 @MsVivicaFox @billnoesges @tntdrama @HBO @PreacherAMC @HabitatCoffeeLA @MrREBELRODOMEZ @thejennlyon @imheathergraham @ColinJost @MaramaCorlett @CHEF_JD81 @CraigJo80374965 @RoArquette @nbcsnl @BjornAJespersen @Lolz1975Tilly @LievSchreiber @Sethrogen @DrPhil @bjaycee @Simone_RC67 @VMinuz @VivMilano @2004Williespade @jmtdesignstudio @rosannafreedom1 @SamuelLJackson @people @NBCUniversal @Kimberl46149999 @futuremanonhulu @SYFY @McDonalds @alanalda @IAmSteveHarvey @SusanSarandon @AnimalKingdom @EbonySi22806125 @Twitter @CharlizeAfrica @jennyphoenix @LongShotMovie Yes congratulations Ellen🎉👏👏 you made it back to the main feed🎛 Don't forget to check out the trailer🎬 of my new movie @LongShotMovie 🎥 it kind of reminds me of you and Melvin's relationship..😘🙏🎉 @jadapsmith @CraigJo80374965 @MileyCyrus @RoArquette
  • 😬
  • Unbelievable footage from the pileup on I-70 today. My jaw dropped to the floor first time I saw this video.
  • @heyjude1141 @EllenBarkin @MsVivicaFox @billnoesges @tntdrama @HBO @PreacherAMC @HabitatCoffeeLA @MrREBELRODOMEZ @thejennlyon @imheathergraham @ColinJost @MaramaCorlett @CHEF_JD81 @CraigJo80374965 @RoArquette @nbcsnl @BjornAJespersen @Lolz1975Tilly @LievSchreiber @Sethrogen @DrPhil @bjaycee @Simone_RC67 @VMinuz @VivMilano @2004Williespade @jmtdesignstudio @rosannafreedom1 @SamuelLJackson @people @NBCUniversal @Kimberl46149999 @futuremanonhulu @SYFY @McDonalds @alanalda @IAmSteveHarvey @SusanSarandon @AnimalKingdom @EbonySi22806125 @jadapsmith @Hersheys @justinbieber @AlexRiedel10 @PaulScottAdamo Melvin take a sip of this wine🍾 thank you sweetheart 😘 you know ladies and gentlemen, I'm always looking for new ideas..🤔😂 I'm with you on that..💡 I've been getting down like that since the 70s @wildhorserockuk @jackbaldwinwh @Chamberpaint @MsVivicaFox
  • Nobody: Titties during secks:
  • Y’all I am SCREAMING
  • @heyjude1141 @EllenBarkin @MsVivicaFox @billnoesges @tntdrama @HBO @PreacherAMC @HabitatCoffeeLA @MrREBELRODOMEZ @thejennlyon @imheathergraham @ColinJost @MaramaCorlett @CHEF_JD81 @CraigJo80374965 @RoArquette @nbcsnl @BjornAJespersen @Lolz1975Tilly @LievSchreiber @Sethrogen @DrPhil @bjaycee @Simone_RC67 @VMinuz @VivMilano @2004Williespade @jmtdesignstudio @rosannafreedom1 @SamuelLJackson @people @NBCUniversal @Kimberl46149999 @futuremanonhulu @SYFY @McDonalds @alanalda @IAmSteveHarvey @SusanSarandon @AnimalKingdom @EbonySi22806125 Look I've been checking📶 all the play @MelvinEmory and @EllenBarkin ,are getting on their @Twitter Accounts..I have an idea about a regular guy meeting a famous woman🎥🎬 @LongShotMovie 🤔 @CraigJo80374965 @RoArquette @heyjude1141 @Sethrogen @CharlizeAfrica
  • Me running to open the door before my girl can
  • Rollout 😎 youtu.be/-PusonJg-ms
  • 11 years ago today, Gerald Green blew out a candle on the rim. So underrated (via @NBATV) #ATTSlamDunk
  • Miami yall tried it. Don put me in the Boom boom room 🙄
  • The Acapella Version Of SWV's "Rain" = UNMATCHED
  • me walking into my moms room just to annoy her when I’m bored.
  • Niggaz be at their first hibachi dinner like
  • “ what you would’ve did if I kissed you ? “
  • When somebody ignore my text and I see them in person
  • Lmao Uber in Atlanta different different 😂 this is the most Gangsta response I have ever heard 😭
  • wolf: and I’ll blow your house down three little pigs in the brick house:
  • “LETS FUCKING GO” is the only appropriate response to winning $19,000