7 day tweet volume :
She found him & the police couldn’t? Useless. Let her go.
Police: Woman tracked down brother's suspected killer, murdered him, then sent a text to her dead brother afterward letting him know she had avenged him. bit.ly/3qx5Eu8 pic.twitter.com/hRoKVtfKcY
Now apply this to slaves and their ancestors.
Female bear freed after 20 years of captivity, but she still thinks she's in a cage 💔
Emotions aren’t masculine or feminine. they’re human. normalize them.
“Just a few bad apples” 🥴 pic.twitter.com/3PeXJ0fPv3
  • “Just a few bad apples” 🥴
  • This is how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sleeping tonight
  • Bro this girl went outside, found this on her garbage bin and innocently asked tiktok what it could mean and the comments gave me chills. I didn't even know this was a thing. That's so terrifying
  • Ravens players gave Mark Ingram jerseys with personal messages on them 🤞 That’s when you know you were a LEADER in the locker room 💯 (via @markingram21)
  • “ Kodak Black and Lil Wayne both are pardoned by Donald Trump “ Bobby Shrmurda :
  • We going back to regular racism tomorrow yall!!!
  • found a free vaccine on the ground, today is my lucky day🙏🏽
  • gon head & clock out for me
  • White House Security waking Trump up tomorrow morning
  • i’m both
  • Wtf is wrong with Baltimore niggas accents 😭😭🤦🏿‍♂️
  • White House security waking the Trump family up tomorrow: