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And they assassinated him.
Martin Luther King changed the world without looting anything, burning a building or attacking anyone. Blessed are the peacemakers. pic.twitter.com/0aocv8qdpw
Remarkable info coming out of this presser: Gov. Tim Walls, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and now MN attorney general Keith Ellison ALL alleging outside forces, domestic and possibly foreign, have post-Tuesday infiltrated the state, and are
the room next door - Dominic Cummings

SHORT VERSION pic.twitter.com/ngPKHn9equ
  • the room next door - Dominic Cummings SHORT VERSION
  • incredible
  • This is mandatory viewing. You won’t regret it.
  • legitimately stunned that CNN didn’t cut Cornel West’s mic. Maybe someone in the control room was just as enraptured as I am
  • After failing to appropriate the Black People's Party, entitled white kids appropriated our fight yesterday, and made it dirty. Then they left us to deal with the police violence they stoked. Listen to the Black Woman desperately begging them to stop.
  • Like so many of you, I’m pained by these recent tragedies. And I’m exhausted by a heartbreak that never seems to stop. Right now it’s George, Breonna, and Ahmaud. Before that it was Eric, Sandra, and Michael. It just goes on, and on, and on.
  • 8-year-old Khalil James of Boston
  • Lawyers offering pro bono services for arrested protestors. Minneapolis, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles. I know there are far more doing the same thing in other cities please add them to this thread
  • .@AOC: If you're calling for an end to unrest, but not calling out police brutality, not calling for health care as a human right, not calling for an end to housing discrimination, all you're asking for is the continuation of quiet oppression.
  • Support from the #Amish community in Minneapolis #AllLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #RIPGeorgeFloyd #Minneapolisprotests
  • The whole country needs to stop right now and listen to Killer Mike. He’s verbalizing what a lot of us don’t know how to express
  • The most significant 72 hours in over fifty years. Photo taken at the Atlanta detention center
  • One of the best, smartest, impromptu speeches I have ever heard. Amazing leadership.
  • we can model a lightning strike by finding the shortest path in a random maze, from a point at the top to the ground. To find the path, we send out a frontier through the maze, and trace it back once it reaches the ground
  • More fluffy wuffy cute fursuits and less "B.S."? Okay. Here's a cute fursuit with absolutely no bullshit.
  • Police firing pepper bullets at our local NBC affiliate news crew live on TV.
  • If Boston is going to strengthen community policing & trust w/ residents, police should not show up in riot gear to a demonstration where folks are legally exercising their right to voice justifiable anger about excessive/lethal force by police against unarmed, nonviolent people.
  • "We are witnessing America as a failed social experiment," says Dr. @CornelWest. "…Its capitalist economy could not… deliver, in such a way that people could live lives of decency. The nation state, it's criminal justice system…could not generate protection of rights."
  • The Amish came out yesterday in Minneapolis to join the George Floyd protests.
  • A statement from Coach Amaker.
  • I'm telling y all, this does not feel right...at all...