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Just a rant here about speedrunning. The speedrun world record for Minecraft 1.16 AND 1.15 have both been beaten twice in a row by two different pairs of people doing offline runs. This means, that twice in a row both categories had the SAME PERSON break the record. Offline too.
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dreamsmp medieval fantasy 🏰 pic.twitter.com/8vSxP8y9f0
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  • dreamsmp medieval fantasy 🏰
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  • CYCLONES WIN! Iowa State takes down Texas 23-20 and has clinched a share of first place in the Big 12 regular season standings! 🌪️🚨🌪️
  • it’s them :]
  • victory and war go hand in hand god au pog?? (dtiys rules in thread!) #dreamfanart #technofanart
  • these two express the same energy
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  • Is he really your dad if he doesn’t haunt you in the afterlife #fundyfanart #wilbursootfanart #mcytfanart
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  • Dream just donated $2720 to punz on stream after asking him to use a random number generator to get a number between 1-5000!
  • I give you baldy bois incorporated #sleepyboisinc
  • funky au lets gooooo #mcytfanart
  • get a cool new dad
  • When ur grandson and son are arguing in a dirty sewer over abandonment that you contributed to when you stabbed ur son
  • me perdonas they are chilling #quackityfanart #wilburfanart #wilbursootfanart #ghostbur
  • tw // fire i have no dramatic title for this one its just angst. #wilburfanart #wilbursootfanart @WilburSoot
  • going shopping
  • things changed so quickly
  • pov: ur cousins who heard about u being an artist got u a gift