7 day tweet volume :
them fleets just sitting up there for decoration cause I fasho don’t be watching em.
RT if you support a full pardon of Lt. General Michael Flynn!
I’m goin ova and beyond bout mine
  • Part 1: Rue
  • marshawn been a real one for years
  • @BroOngod
  • @g0nnfreecss
  • Do Patriots want to see TRUTH exposed about Bill Gates, George Soros & “the John Roberts” on Epstein flight logs or is just me?
  • @realDonaldTrump
  • Mentally I wanna be here
  • As we approach Thanksgiving 20/20, 80+M Patriots waiting to give thanks for indictments opening these gates: 1.EpsteinPedoGate 2.DurhamRussiaGate 3.WeinerLapTopGate 4.HunterLapTopGate 5.HillaryGate 6.CommunistElectionTheftGate REVEAL EVERY LIE REVEAL EVERY CRIME LOCK ALL UP!
  • so cats are definitely flammable 😂😂😂 im dying at its reaction 😭
  • Nah, it’s violence