7 day tweet volume :
  • Yasiel Puig is in the final year of his contract. Would he sign a long-term deal with #Reds after this season? "If (the GM) gives me the money I want, I'm going to be here all the years that you want. I love Ohio."
  • February 18, 1944: A day after he plays in a high school basketball game, 15-year-old Hamilton High School student Joe Nuxhall is signed by the #Reds due to the shortage of players because of those serving in World War II. #OTD
  • Proper etiquette to greeting ya partna’s girls
  • "I think we have a legitimate shot to win the division" #Reds
  • HOLD UP 😳 #SCtop10
  • My sister accidentally locked me out of the house so I went to check if the back door was unlocked and this happened
  • How did Cincinnati limit Markis McDuffie so well early on? Bearcats were pulling off triple switches every time WSU ran its bread-and-butter middle pick-and-roll to prevent McDuffie from even catching. Takes a ton of communication to pull this (mostly) NBA technique off.
  • AWKWARD: Kamala Harris on her Jussie Smollett 'modern day lynching' tweet... a.k.a. What it looks like when you've been out shopping with your new BFF reporter girlfriends then a real journalist asks you a real question...
  • CBS News' Lara Logan on US media: "Although the media has historically always been left-leaning, we’ve abandoned our pretense, or at least the effort, to be objective, today. … We’ve become political activists, and some could argue propagandists, and there’s some merit to that"
  • His life flashed before his eyes @spittinchiclets
  • #TommyxZendaya
  • Show this to someone who needs some motivation today 💪
  • Officer: May I see your license sir. Black Man: *Pulls out wallet* Officer:
  • Mood : Let me hear you say !!
  • Barstool Pizza Review - Chuck E Cheese's onebite.app
  • Jussie Smollett tears look so real. He sounded heart broken. This is called in the moment acting! @JussieSmollett what really happen that night? Was the sandwich turkey or ham? How did you successfully scam some Nigerians ? RT please I want him to answer
  • It was incredible really sitting and just hanging with a man I’ve studied my whole life. And I learned him and his homies are just like me and mine. All we talk about is rap haha it’s the best! Thanks Em! For all the Love #RapkinNaNapkin
  • Happy #PresidentsDay to a real one ☝️
  • Bringing it under the bright lights! #Bearcats
  • I Am Beyond Blessed To Say I’ve Received An Offer From Louisiana State University!!!!!#GeauxTigers💜🐯Also with my brother @JaheimThomas454