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keep this in circulation. AG Cameron lied.
A ballistics report from the police killing of #BreonnaTaylor found no proof the bullet that hit an officer came from her boyfriend Kenneth Walker's gun, says @ABCNews.

Walker's shot was used to justify not charging police for killing Taylor during a no-knock raid as she slept. pic.twitter.com/rFi1WbGLJK
What does “Christian” even mean?
Christian group raises over $500K for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse trib.al/gQOS5tp pic.twitter.com/6b6FUmL76P
One positive thing about zoom schooling is parents being able to see and hear what really goes on in a class.
Teacher gets dragged by parent on zoom after disrespecting #georgefloyd during class

this official response to Trump’s demand that Biden take a drug test is sending me pic.twitter.com/9JUj7UL55x
  • this official response to Trump’s demand that Biden take a drug test is sending me
  • Congratulations to @BauerOutage, the NL Pitcher of the Month for September! #BauerforCy2020
  • How much more did you pay in taxes than President Trump? Head to JoeBiden.com/TrumpTaxes to find out.
  • a refresher video explaining America's tax code.
  • She was so hurt 😩😭🤣🤣🤣
  • Sorry #Pirates, you can't play with us.. 😂😂 #PittsburghSucks #MLBPostseason #NLCentral • #Reds #Cubs #Cardinals #Brewers
  • I went to Donald J Trump State Park an hour north of NYC. Nobody knows it's there because it isn't a real park. It's barren land Trump bought for $2.75 M hoping to build a golf course. When it failed, he donated it to NY State—claiming it was worth $100 M—for a huge tax writeoff.
  • That boy was scooting for his life 🤣
  • watching other men risk their lives on tik-tok so i don’t have to >>>
  • twitter.com/realdonaldtrum…
  • Teachers paid $7,239 Firefighters paid $5,283 Nurses paid $10,216 Donald Trump paid $750
  • We love you Callie, Anna, John and Drew! #KeepGoing25