7 day tweet volume :
Keep going Stay focused.
I think Officer Ubeda wants to be famous.
This is fascistic voter intimidation on proud display inside a Miami polling location. pic.twitter.com/AnoYYwDpwU
so eating and being served at a restaurant in a tent is okay, but living in one because you have nowhere else to go is not. taking up public space is okay, but only as a consumer.
*throw away and replace
Wash ya shower curtain liner!
  • Biden- "If you make over 400k a year your taxes will be higher." Guys from my high school that make 35K a year-
  • Look at her 馃ズ
  • So this guy had a BLM sign in his yard and this lady started yelling WLM. and he sprayed her 馃槶馃槶馃槶
  • RACISM Black man leases a house, white couple with zero authority just walk right into it and question him being there. THIS IS MODERN DAY JIM CROW FOLKS! THIS IS NOT OK!
  • I miss this 馃挃
  • Here is @CityofMiami Police Officer Daniel Ubeda, in full uniform with badge and gun wearing his Trump mask inside of the polling location in government center. This is city funded voter intimidation. Ubeda should be suspended immediately.
  • This election, former RNC Chair and a lifelong Republican, @MichaelSteele, is voting to restore the soul of our nation. He's voting for Joe Biden.
  • It took me 5min and I work all day I鈥檓 sure y鈥檃ll can vote
  • Bruh John Wall was playing spades during a TV interview 馃槀馃槀馃槀
  • YALL ..... I would have rather died 馃槶馃槶馃槶
  • These folks just exposed me. All i was tryna do is manifest. Damn 馃槶馃槀