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Don’t let the occupant of the White House distract you.

He just unilaterally cut Social Security and your unemployment benefits. In the middle of a pandemic.
1. She even testified in court against him
2. They let him out on $25,000 bond for rape, strangulation and abduction
3. They let him out and he killed his victim
Everyone involved needs to be charged with the womans murder. He was a violent offender and shouldnt have been out.
Police: Rape suspect who was freed due to COVID-19 kills his accuser bit.ly/31vN5LZ #10TV pic.twitter.com/KCl8FLauwZ
It’s this video for me 🔥🔥Fuckin fireee pic.twitter.com/2aWB46LefQ
  • #WAP
  • It’s this video for me 🔥🔥Fuckin fireee twitter.com/normani/status…
  • When you’re starting to regret your vote for Trump
  • Wow. The cops have no idea what to do about the organized shield wall in Portland tonight.
  • #TrumpIsNotWell
  • When you ask Mitch Trubisky to help you with your proposal...
  • Donald Trump has refused to take serious action to combat the COVID-19 crisis. And as a result, he got what he’s always wanted — the U.S. isolated from the rest of the world.
  • Dame responds to PG and Pat Bev 👀
  • Future said treat your friends businesses the same way y’all treat these high end companies 🗣
  • I can’t wait to link with my friends...This how we finna be .
  • The fact is, Donald Trump left our nation unprepared and unprotected for the worst public health crisis of our lifetime — and we're paying the price every single day.
  • Melo in his hotel room forced to listen to Dame recording his Paul George diss track next door