Finally, y’all are seeing the light
When I was 11-14 yrs old I wanted to be like Gabriella but I ended up being like Sharpay
Just two millionaires taking their private jets to exchange shoes but it’s your use of plastic straws that is killing the world.
Sunday Service. @KanyeWest just blessed @DJKhaled with unreleased Yeezys right off his feet 👀
And in the morning I’m making waffles
so my brother got a new dog.... and I- just watch 😭
  • so my brother got a new dog.... and I- just watch 😭
  • This was almost a year ago. It is unsurprising that Kavanaugh, credibly accused of sexual assault, would lie under oath to secure a Supreme Court seat. Because sexual assault isn’t a crime of passion - it’s about the abuse of power. He must be impeached.
  • “You always smell so good omg what do you use???” Me:
  • This is Apollo. He likes to point at those with beautiful smiles who are going to have a great day today. 13/10
  • What cheering in the Quiet Car looks like. Thanks @WorkingFamilies!
  • Here is a montage of me making strangers day by giving them fist bumps while on my motorcycle. 🏍️😋
  • he loves his puppy so much (aarun_evolution IG)
  • also... @FentyOfficial
  • Jerry & Elaine & George & Kramer & Netflix All 180 episodes of the Emmy-Award winning Seinfeld are coming to Netflix — worldwide! — starting in 2021
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  • think i'm just gonna start an endless thread of inexplicably mexican content
  • Debbie Ramirez provided at least 25 people who could potentially corroborate her story, but the FBI did not interview any of them. The bottom line is whether Justice Kavanaugh lied to Congress. The House Judiciary Committee should begin an impeachment inquiry to investigate.
  • ok this one hit a little too close
  • This was a difficult story. It always is when someone's life is on the line, and when cancer looms. But things are harder if you can't access care. That's something that may be increasingly prevalent as the parents of America's Dreamers age.…
  • it’s a lifestyle
  • So it’s my parents anniversary weekend & they just hit the group chat with this😂🙄
  • Me when somebody adds my to their private snap
  • When Lamar Jackson see the Ravens doing running back drills
  • When God is doing all the work in my life but allowing me to stunt like it’s my talent alone.
  • I'm pissing myself