7 day tweet volume :
You did not have to use those initials to get this tweet off...U have to relax with the KD talk, your name is KASHDOLL
and it was against my will.
abusers b like “so u just gonna tell ppl i abused u????? 🤨”
  • @DeruloMaff
  • me fulfilling my rich auntie duties wit all my friend’s kids
  • “Even if it makes people uncomfortable.”🗣
  • when this shit dropped, i thought it was the best song i heard in my life...
  • When she's back from girls night out, singing WAP loud af
  • me saying “BUT MIND YOU” to make my connections in a story
  • Doctor: Don’t worry the X-ray machine is completely safe Doctors whilst you’re getting the X-ray:
  • My mouth is wide open... I didn’t know it was this bad OMG like I knew but seeing THIS
  • trader joe's just fired me for sending this letter to the ceo, saying i don't share the company values. i guess advocating for a safer workplace isn't a company value?
  • In my 25 years of living I’ve never seen no shit like this EVER 💀🤣
  • To this day I still say this ass whooping was 100% justified, idc if that’s her mother 😂
  • I had 2 Celtics tickets in my car and someone broke in and left 3 more smfh. Y’all stay safe
  • “No re-entry to USA”
  • You had to be there😭