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If your vote didn’t matter so much, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep you from voting.
About 70 seconds, maybe longer if you laid a real monster of a fart or sharted yourself.
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All we really want to know is how long will it take for the new system to filter a fart out of the car.
HUGE SCOOP IN PA. The postal service is now telling state officials in Pennsylvania -- the most critical swing state in November's election -- that it can't deliver the mail quickly enough for the current vote by mail plan. This is a 9-alarm fire, folks inquirer.com/politics/elect…

President Trump and Melania Trump have requested mail-in ballots for Florida’s primary election on Tuesday, according to records on the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website. Records show the ballots were mailed yesterday to Mar-a-Lago.
  • Question: Do you regret at all the lying you’ve done to the American people?
  • From David Sedaris
  • Let's talk air flow in BART cars: BART cars filter & replace inside air about every 70 seconds. This was the case before COVID-19 and is still now. Air is filtered more effectively than in an office or grocery store. We've also begun new pilot tests for better filtration.
  • The USPS is literally backing up trucks to mailboxes and taking them away. Here are photos of mailboxes being “decommissioned” in SE Portland and Eugene, Ore. Check out how many are already on the trucks! But today's news is probably going to be about "golden showers" instead.
  • WAP: Wet Ass Pupusas 🤤
  • @ddale8 Here’s the clip:
  • 82 days.
  • absolutely baller content from the postal workers union
  • When the government abandons its people, it’s up to us to rise up and make a revolution. We’re fighting for dignity, for justice, and for our future. Join us at edmarkey.com/events. #GreenNewDealmaker