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Any @uf student that needs a face to face course to comply with this ridiculous rule by ICE (PS: Abolish ICE), I am happy to offer an independent studies course to keep you here, learning and contributing.
Email me from your university account.

(Post idea from @DrToddACurry)
This you? @realDonaldTrump
When foreigners attend our great colleges & want to stay in the U.S., they should not be thrown out of our country.
Since today is 7/7 ...

Who's your favorite player to wear No. 7️⃣? pic.twitter.com/SkrbEEbd27
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  • i just stumbled upon these articles and quite honestly, the distinction between real and performative faith could never be any clearer
  • 2 Months Vs. 7 months
  • We all have different reasons, but we are all in this together. #GatorsWearMasks
  • 59 years ago today I was released from Parchman Farm Penitentiary after being arrested in Jackson, MS for using a so-called "white" restroom during the Freedom Rides of 1961.
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  • This is a poem about America.
  • #GatorsWearMasks 🐊😷✨ Tara Sabo-Attwood, associate professor and chair of the Department of Environmental and Global Health @UFPHHP , recently assembled a helpful guide to answer many of the questions you may have about masks and face coverings ➡️ bit.ly/2Zei3bP
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  • Forgot to give my little cousin a blanket last night 😭
  • GAU is committed to protecting the interests of international graduate employees. We categorically oppose the xenophobic #StudentBan proposed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ⚠️ TAKE ACTION NOW by calling our senators and demanding protection for international students!
  • An hour ago @Harvard and @MIT filed a federal lawsuit here in Boston to stop ICE from stripping international students' visas when schools go online to protect our community's health and safety. "We will not stand by to see our international students' dreams extinguished."
  • I know that their hearts had to be racing at first.
  • Nobody: Little Kids:
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  • How NBA fans skate💪🏽
  • Let’s work! 🧡💙
  • Lol. This photograph got me an FBI file, but it sure did it’s job.
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