7 day tweet volume :
They can say what they want abt me but they can’t say I ain’t going hard 🤘🏽 pic.twitter.com/TviQfNEGmp
I thank God for it all.
Man this shit is ridiculous like omg🥺😍 pic.twitter.com/XCK97TPmeE
I’m talking block parties, barbecues, pool parties, staying out until 3am😂 I need all ghetto vibes
I wanna have a ghetto summer😂
  • They can say what they want abt me but they can’t say I ain’t going hard 🤘🏽
  • Man this shit is ridiculous like omg🥺😍
  • Oh she’s gonna be trouble😭🤣🤣
  • your girl randomly facetiming you to say hi just cause she’s bored
  • My senior year of high school my teacher laughed at me when I told him I was going to be a lawyer. Today I was accepted to law school with a $15,000 scholarship, so I emailed him.
  • this is forever a classic
  • How Deontay Wilder got the world feeling
  • thought i should share this with everyone 🤣
  • y’all wanna talk about RANGE
  • "Chilombo" 3/6/2020 🌋
  • this tiktok right here
  • Ashley Banks - Make Up Your Mind. Coulda been a #1 hit single twitter.com/cxrodge/status…
  • britney spears: “you have 44 secs” nicki minaj:
  • Damn I woke up to Hella messages about #336Bootycall tonight well I added more tickets get them now before it’s to late remember tonight everybody go fed ladies wear what u want it’s up tonight #ncat #uncg #bennett 336bootyCall.Eventbrite.com
  • Me leaving Best Buy with a ps5 under my tongue
  • the way this scene from final destination traumatized me as a kid..
  • Me after my momma got done yelling at me 😂
  • my 3rd album "Chilombo" available everywhere March 6th 🙏🏼🌋✨
  • #P4L🖤 album Days Away
  • We'll always remember the time Steve Irwin wrestled a Gator in a This is SportsCenter commercial. Today would have been his 58th birthday.
  • Melo giving the rook a free lesson
  • I decided to go to the hood & pretend to be an undercover cop... 🕵🏾🤣🤣🤣